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Originally Posted by jmc305 View Post
Alcoholics should just drink water instead of vodka--Problem solved. I think to tell somebody with a sweet tooth to just "lay off" is overly simplistic and I don't see the harm in eating some low carb treats. To each his own.
I don't want to be argumentative. And I don't believe everyone has to give up sweets -- we're all individuals and we all have different *trigger* foods that lead to trouble. I have a problematic relationship with food -- but I understand that not everyone who has a weight problem has my type of troubled relationship with food. It seems to me that it's up to each individual to find out what their specific food relationships -- or even dependencies -- mean for their long-term outlook.

I don't know the original poster and I don't know what affect, if any, the poster's stated "need" for sweets will have on the long-term outlook of that person's diet and health. The phrasing, "Only down fall... SWEETS!! I can't go without!" make me believe, in my humble opinion, that this is a relationship with food that might be a sensitive area of concern and that might benefit from closer evaluation to determine whether or not this is a danger zone.

Also, we DO tell alcoholics to not drink alcohol. I'm not an expert on substance abuse but all of the information that I'm aware of counsels alcoholics and other substance abusers to completely abstain from their addictive substances. One of my close childhood friends is a recovering alcoholic and narcotics abuser, and I have been with her through some difficult times. She can't have a drink. Ever. That stuff absolutely can't be part of her life. Or her life will end too soon.

People wean from cigarettes and, for medical reasons, wean from opiates. But alcoholics have to stop drinking alcohol. I don't think anyone actually believes quitting an addictive substance, like alcohol, is *easy* but it is *necessary* for alcoholics to not drink alcohol. Ever. Mood altering substances are a concern for them when they have to take pain medication or are facing surgery. There are people who won't even take aspirin or NSAIDs because the *behavior* could potentially trigger problems.
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