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Originally Posted by Ntombi View Post
That said, this isn't about me, or you, in particular, it's about all of us learning to eat in a healthier way. Staying away from very sweet tasting foods is a good idea when starting a ketogenic diet for several reasons. First of all, relearning how to make healthy decisions is key to keeping weight off. Secondly, simply substituting one sweet for another doesn't help someone get out of the habit of HAVING to have those sweets in the first place. Thirdly, some people have bad reactions to certain sweets (triggering binges, raising blood sugar, setting off cravings, and more), and they might never realize it until they have been away from them for some weeks.
As always, I think Ntombi makes very good points. We're all different and, ultimately, we have to know ourselves and figure out what works best in our lives.

Sweets (except ice cream) were never my *thing* so I didn't think I had anything to offer on this topic. BUT the things that I have previously enjoyed -- pizza, Taco Bell, Puerto Rican rice and peas, pasteles (a type of pastry similar to tamales) -- I've had no problem resisting these things since I started Atkins last May because I believe they were slowly killing me. I could order pizza the way I used to and then pull the toppings off and eat them -- but I want no part of pizza because I couldn't walk a block without back pain while I was eating that stuff. I just feel like it was toxic to me. In my mind, if something is poisonous, I don't care what it tastes like. There is no flavor that is so rewarding, to me, that it's worth the back aches and the shortness of breath and the long-term health complications that I'm sure I was facing. Not eating a taco doesn't *feel* to me like deprivation the way that being unable to run half a block to catch a bus felt like deprivation.

Everyone is different, though. I'm not doing this diet because I want to look cute in a miniskirt -- I think I looked cute in a miniskirt when I weighed 235 pounds! Personally, I had to stand up for myself and say that food won't control me and that I won't let food hurt me. Sort of like having a gorgeous, billionaire boyfriend that beats the crap out of you on a regular basis -- his attractive qualities are NOT sufficient to make up for the abuse.

That's just my $0.02! I think there's probably a reasonable low-carb substitution for any food that anyone could think of. And I'm sure people lose pounds and live happy lives eating the substitutions. But for me -- because my weight and health problems were all about my *relationship* with food -- I need to move certain foods into the "THIS WILL EVENTUALLY KILL ME" category and no longer find them attractive in any form. Substitutions, for me, would be sort of like a girl trying to *fix* a bad boyfriend -- sometimes it works, but sometimes it ends in tears. And everybody involved saw the tears coming from a mile away because you've had ongoing problems with that dude in the past.
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