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Originally Posted by Mistizoom View Post
Lauren on the Healthy Indulgences blog (she posts here sometimes) has a recipe called Sugar-Free Buttercream Frosting that uses xylitol and stevia as sweeteners. It's under the "Healthy Cake with a Secret, Part 2- Gluten-Free Low Carb Yellow Cake!" recipe. Don't think I'm allowed to link to it but you should be able to find it pretty easily on her site. She also links to a couple of similar recipes on other sites.
I took a look at that recipe and it looks promising; I do not like the effect of egg whites in icing though so I won't be doing that part.

Originally Posted by Tweaker Geek View Post
Why not powder the xylitol? Use butter, powdered X, some stevia for additional sweetness if desired and vanilla extract.
I have a question about this. I have been reading that powered erythritol will crystallize during baking/cooking, and this concerns me. I will not eat crystallized sugar. Does Xylitol do this too? How can I prevent the X or the E from crystallizing in an icing recipe?

Originally Posted by ravenrose View Post
why xylitol and not erythritol? I think E is better in almost every way for low carbing, unless you are specifically allergic or something.
I have done some more reading about the E and I will consider it; I do not want to taste a minty flavor though.

Originally Posted by Ginaaaaaa View Post
Here's another one


6 tablespoons butter, softened

1 cup powdered erythritol OR powdered sugar

3 to 5 tablespoons heavy cream

teaspoon vanilla

For the icing, beat together butter and powdered erythritol or sugar. Add cream, 1 tablespoon at a time, until desired consistency is achieved.
This sounds delightful; do you know whether the E will crystallize though? This is a huge concern. I have read that it's very hard to prevent the E from crystallizing.

On another note, is there anything else besides a sugar or sugar substitute that I can use as a powder base? Would a milk powder with some added sweetener work? I don't want to be ingesting large amounts of the X or the E; I'm scared of them. Plus, they are very expensive.

Thanks guys for your help!
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