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Originally Posted by gotitnow View Post
Hey fellow JUDDD BUD!!! One thing I enjoy on a DD is making a "hot dog" using 1 slice Natures Own 40 cal bread, plenty 0 cal mustard, and a Hebrew Natl. 97% ff beef frank for 40 cals. So satisfying for only 80 calories! and depending on cal allowance sometimes add 2 or 3 sm dill pickles (5 cals) and 1/2 an apple (40 cals) for a grand total of 125 cals!! Keep your limbs in tact!! Nobody said it would cost an arm or a leg to do DDs did they?!!! Soooooo know what you mean about getting bored though!!

If I lost an arm and a leg, how much less would I weigh?
Sorry, I'm totally visual and had to go there!

JUDDD got me where I want to be!
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