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Originally Posted by synger View Post
Eat Stop Eat: one or two 24-hour fasts a week

Fast Five: fast 19 hours, eat five hours

Leangains: fast 16 hours, eat eight hours

Warrior Diet: fast 20 hours, eat four hours

JUDDD, or "Alternate Day Diet": Eat 20-40% calorie rate on Down Days, eat 100% calorie rate on Up Days, alternate Up and Down days.

Granted, these are just the eat or don't-eat parts of the diets... each one also has its own take on WHAT you should eat, and some of them deal with when you should train/exercise during the fasted state, and what to eat in post-training recovery.
Thank you so much for the recap! Now I understand the differences. I have seen a few of them on the Internet recently when I was researching training and fasting. I will probably have to adjust my WOE when I start training heavier. Right now I am mixing JUDDD and Fast 5 and didn't know it, it just made sense!
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