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With Eat Stop Eat, IIRC, you fast for 24 hours, 2x per week.
So let's say you have dinner tonight at wouldn't eat again until 6 tomorrow.
Then you would do that again some other time this week.

It doesn't count calories or have Up Days or Down Days. You just do the 24-hour fasts.

Depending on what/when you eat, I suppose there would be some days where you might only have one meal, and you could adhere to JUDDD "Down Day" calories if you wanted to. But then you'd only get 2 DDs per week.

I often combine Fast 5 + until 2pm on UDs, eat late lunch + dinner or snack. On DDs I fast until 6 or 7pm and only eat one meal.

My son's grandpa has been doing something like ESE for a couple months.
One day he eats normally, the next day he only eats dinner.
He's losing about a pound a week and very happy with it.
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