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I just got my numbers back - note that this is 3 months after stopping Niaspan, and being on NO cholesterol medication.
204 total (up from 200 a year ago)
112 LDL (down from 116 a year ago)
57 HDL (up from 51 a year ago)
2.0 LDL/HDL ratio (down from 2.3 a year ago)

175 triglycerides (up from 164 a year ago)- the cardiologist said to try fish oil, I am trying krill oil.

FWIW, I am 195 lbs. and trying to get to 175 lbs. as my first goal, hopefully set another goal at that point

Am hoping that my spouse (numbers in a previous post) can retest in a few months and see the diet is working for him. He is being much better than me about compliance and is visibly losing weight. I am a nut addict LOL, and also a stress eater. He just complains about not eating pasta when we are out.

I do eat low-carb bread by the Great Low Carb Bread company. And low carb tortillas by Mama Lupe. I don't know if they can increase triglycerides or it is just the fat content of my diet (and I want to go on a fat fast for a few days, so hopefully that won't make my triglycerides even worse).

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