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I just had blood work done too! The October fasting glucose was an eye opener for me. I bummed around for a few weeks, but got serious with LC about Thanksgiving. I've lost 8 pounds since then.

In October my numbers were:

cholesterol - 250 total
HDL - 63
LDL - 168
triglycerides - 88
cholesterol/HDL ratio: 4.0
fasting glucose 136

Last week I retested and numbers were:

241 total
HDL - 73
LDL - 144
triglycerides - 120
cholesterol/HDL ratio: 3.3
fasting glucose: 116 ac1 was 5.8 I did not have an ac1 test in October, so I don't have a number for comparison.

Overall I'm pleased but know I have more work to do. I figure the triglycerides are higher because I'm eating more fat.

My doctor recommended I take FLUSH NIACIN to lower my cholesterol. Not non-flush, but flush. At bedtime.
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