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I am concerned about my cholesterol. Last week had my blood test was good except my
total cholesterol is 238 the hdl only 45 and the LDL 174 and don't know where the rest of the numbers are that doesn't total 238. But he said 45 isn't protective has to be 50. Got a prescription for welco. I have a problem with my muscles and balance from inner ear problem. I won't take the other cholesterol meds because they can cause muscle problems. The thing is this medicine is 400 a month without insurance. I have insurance so didn't have to pay that. Still if all this money and medicine is not necessary it makes me mad. I just started low carb 1/14/2014. So my blood test wasn't done when i had been low carbing but a couple weeks. I am concerned when I go back in 3 months it will be way higher. He is sending me to a heart doctor to have a catheter go through my leg and look at my heart. He said with my obvious markers talking about my weight 179 and cholesterol level. He thinks I am at risk. My father had to have a stent when he was 60 I am almost 58. My father was a heavy smoker though. But his sister my aunt had to have a stent also when she was 70 she isn't a smoker or anything very religious woman who had good life style still alive. My father died at 70 of lung cancer even though he quit smoking at age 60 because of the heart situation. I am just wondering if I should expect my numbers to be worse in 3 months or what. I also had high on the inflammation test not a couple years ago differnt doctor. Just wondering if others take asprin he said nothing about asprin but thought that was something we were suppose to do. Feel like I am a ticking time bomb ready to have a heart attack or stroke.
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