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Originally Posted by healthywealthywise View Post
I see this thread has not been active for awhile. I have "cholesterol issues" and after losing 30 lbs on Atkins last winter went into a tailspin when my tests came out crazy high...blood pressure and everything else was perfect. I am on vacation right now so do not have my numbers. Suffice it to say, I tried to make a compromise between the doctors low-fat orders and eating low-carb and low-carb lost. I cannot do low-carb low-fat. Period. I ended up gaining the 30 lbs back and here I am again...starting over with low-carb and needing to deal with the cholesterol issue also. My high cholesterol is genetic. I do not want to go on a statin because of the side effects...would love to get into some discussions concerning this issue.
I am with EW. What is crazy high? Do you care to share your entire panel?

30 pounds in the cold Alaskan winters seems reasonable! hahah. I would probably gain a lot more! And for what its worth, your doctor cannot force the issue on low fat. Its old, outdated. Your doc is on the old, main stream pipeline. You have to be your own advocate and being a female, using statins is an issue. Lots of articles out there on that subject.

Low carb, healthy fats....go for it

You do have a choice of what you consume
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