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It's good that you've found a generic that works for you. I took Levoxyl (a generic of Synthroid) for about 10 years with no problems at all.

Unfortunately, it was taken off the market last year (some packaging problems), and I went on Synthroid. Interestingly, while I was on Levoxyl, my pharmacist filled one of my prescriptions with Levothyroxine, which he said was 'the same.' However, I did not tolerate that well at all, and my endo said that there are no 'identical' Rx. Some brands may be in the same category, but whether a person can tolerate or benefit from the Rx is very individual. [I later found out from my insurance company that my pharmacist had pulled the 'switch' because he made more money on the Levothyroxine.]

When I was losing weight, my endo was sure that he'd have to lower my dosage of thyroid hormones, but he didn't. I suspect it's because my thyroid was just getting worse. So it's likely you'll need your meds adjusted as you lose because that seems to be standard procedure.

Yes, it's all a 'balancing act.' My endo checks me every 4 months, and a couple of times I actually had to go in earlier because I was experiencing symptoms. Never hesitate to check with your doctor because each time I felt symptoms, my labs showed that I needed a dosage change.
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