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Sorry if I misunderstood your post about Graves and Armour.

Yes, most doctors don't like to prescribe Armour because of the problem you mention--i.e., not being sure of the amount of hormone--which is critical for thyroid regulation. I had a similar problem with a generic.

I take T3 (Cytomel), and my insurance company pressured me to take the generic form. My endo agreed that we could 'experiment' because the cost difference is significant. I became ill within a month, and my endo petitioned the insurance company to allow me to take the brand. I don't care about the cost; my health is more important.

The generic problem was the same as you experienced with Armour. The estimate was that this particular company provided 10-15% LESS hormone than the brand, so my dosage, which must be exact, was always deficient.

The idea that the synthetics are bad and only the 'natural' Armour is good for thyroid is something promoted by Internet sites and has no basis in pharmaceutical science.
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