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Originally Posted by MargeGunderson View Post
One of the first things I noticed and why I signed up within a day rather than lurking for weeks first is the civility with which everyone treats each other! So nice and refreshing to find a place where people can treat each other with respect even when strongly disagreeing with someone's thoughts and opinions.
That is such a nice compliment for all of us!!! Thank you my dear! That is why most people hang around and if they leave, they usually come back!! (self included) Welcome to LCF and once you start posting and learning, you won't be able to stop!!

Now, about the Splenda--I am going to do my own personal study. I use it in my coffee. I am going to stop it for a week and see what happens. This whole idea has me curious. I have always used it but I am interested to see if I can live without it! Will let you know.
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