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Originally Posted by Horsetrainer110 View Post
I'm glad Splenda works for you Cathy! I just wanted to share my own experience with others who may be sensitive to Splenda like me. I see you have way more experience lowcarbing than me. You have low carbed 5 times....I just lost 96 lbs once and kept it off for 10 years until this last year, when I went back to eating "real" food. But that's what is so wonderful about this board, and why I came back for inspiration! Everyone has different experiences and their own little tricks to lose, and they are happy to encourage and share with others!
That so-called "real" food will get us everytime! I have kept it off several times for long stretches but it's way too easy to get lulled back into the "I can have just one of these"...or it's OK to indulge for the holidays (then you soon figure out there's always another holiday right around the corner, so why bother going back to LC for a couple of weeks. ) Carb-creep soons turn to excess poundage.

I do think you're correct with person-specific sensitivity to the various AS forms, that's why I said it's YMMV. Totally agree with you there!

My daughter-in-law absolutely cannot use Splenda: she gets near-migraine headaches from one splenda soda. So for holidays at our house, I have to stock the Splenda diet cokes for me and the regular Nutrasweet(aspartame) diet cokes for her.
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