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I have a hard time with UD's off and on too.

Here is what I have learned. I can choose only ONE meal to be an indulgence. I usually skip breakfast, have a "light" lunch, and save an ABUNDANCE of calories to have a fun dinner, and even save some for dessert if I want.

I DO have to plan ahead, and find myself sipping hot tea to get through till dinner if I must.

This is most UD's for me. Or, once in a while I do have a day where I will have 400 for breakfast, 600 for snacks/lunch and only 800 for dinner. It really is about having a plan. If BF brings home donuts for us (because he knows it's a DD) Then I will have 1 donut... and have to rebudget for the day.

Once I hit maintenance again (gained a few after vacation) I will allow myself one UUAD each week. I still count, but I eat what I want. I keep to 500 cal DD's even in maintenance, because that is what works for me. With the occasional 600-700.

I hope this helps.
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