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Originally Posted by stephdray View Post
So, I am not the only one struggling with this issue, I see. Which makes it easier for me to say that you're all being too hard on yourselves. You're citing lack of control, lack of motivation, you're wondering if there's something wrong with you that makes you want to stay fat, and so on. I think the issue is very simple: Your body is on to you.

It knows that you're not eating enough to maintain its mass. It registers the calorie deficit. It knows that every other day you are ignoring hunger signals and, therefore, can only assume that food must be scarce. Hence, when you start eating, it tells you to get in as many calories as possible now, because there may not be any tomorrow!

That's hard to fight. That's why I couldn't lose real weight on low carb--I could eat a lot of low carb food that still didn't add up to a calorie deficit. It's why I couldn't lose real weight on WW--I couldn't feel ravenously hungry and deprived every day without going mad. It's why JUDDD is now a strange challenge in which I can control my DDs but UDs are more of a struggle.

If JUDDD has taught me anything, it's that, contrary to what I've always believed about myself, I actually have wildly impressive powers of self-control. I can endure hunger pains. I can endure distraction. I can endure dizziness and faintness. I have had so many skinny friends of mine gasp when they learn about how few calories I subsist upon every other day. They are awed.

Because I am fricken awesome. And so are you.

But it's hard to be awesome every day. Which means that we have to do things to make it easier for ourselves on Up Days. Almost assuredly, that means planning and counting before you eat it. (This helps me but sometimes I find that whatever I planned isn't enough and I need a plan for that too.) Maybe it means skipping breakfast and having an eating window. Maybe that means making sure we have lower calorie options around the house. (Those 190 calorie Kind bars I keep reaching for when it's snack time can't help, no matter how healthy the are!) Maybe it means scheduling tea breaks ritualistically throughout the day. Maybe it means watching carbs, though not eliminating them. Or maybe it means saving your carb blow out for later in the day when it's closer to bed time. It's clear that just as it took us a while to figure out the magic combination that would help on DDs, we're going to have to think through ways to make UDs better.

Let's resolve to keep changing things up without beating ourselves up!
I wish I had a "fabulous post" emoticon to use her, because that is exactly what you just posted, Steph. Those are words to live by. I'm going to print out your message and pin it up in my house, to remind myself of your wise perspective. Thank you.
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