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WOE: JUDDD- maintaining since 2/2013
Start Date: 2/21/12- Low carb (199lbs) 3/28/12 JUDDD (189lbs)
For the most part I only eat at night- DD and UD. On occasion I have lunch on UD, but it is just a 140 calorie yogurt or 2 deli pops and a laughing cow wedge. On UD night I eat dinner as close to bedtime as possible, because this limits or eliminates my need/desire for a bedtime snack. But I try to always have a really enjoyable dinner on UDs and this also makes it so I don't have to spend all day tracking, but have plenty of calories to enjoy my dinner and a bedtime snack if I need it.

I know that may not work for everyone, but it has worked for me so far.
JUDDD changed my life. It transformed my health, gave me freedom and restored my confidence.

JUDDD is very simple, very livable and very flexible. JUDDD allows weight loss and life to happen simultaneously.

See my before and after pictures
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