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Originally Posted by TryingJudd View Post
I so wish I had the answer myself but am chiming in with a hug and support. I too find UDs to be restricting and they feel more like a diet than DDs - how weird is that?? I am trying a "no sugar" rule for for me Mon-Fri to see if that reigns me in on UDs. I just started so will report back. I am also staying off the scale for as long as I can stand because the stupid torture device holds way more power on my mood and will power than I care to give it. Wishing you much luck figuring this out - you have been sooooo successful to date. I am sure you will -- then let us all in on the secret!
I think the no-sugar rule would help me too, but my selfish mind says, "If you're going to cut out sugar, you may as well go back to LC and eat every day." I lost faster, actually, on LC, but JUDDD was a plan I could live with, and eat anything I wanted. I do hate to think that will not work for me.

ETA: This morning I had a smoothie which came out to about 250 calories. I *knew* when I got to work I'd have Girl Scout cookies that I had ordered (and that came in yesterday). Stayed strong until about 9:30 am. Ate three cookies for 180 calories. Ate 3 more. Opened a different kind and ate 2. Ate 3 more. Opened my pretzel crisps and ate the whole bag for about 150 calories. Not hungry at lunch but felt like I "needed" to eat to curb the snack monster in the afternoon. Got a hotdog and potato chips...god knows how many calories...afternoon I had a handful of starburst jelly beans. Late afternoon, another pile of jelly beans. Nothing for dinner yet, but have had a cup of coffee with HWC. Oh, and I had a cup this morning before the smoothie my estimation I'm at about 2000 calories and mind tells me if I skip dinner, DD tomorrow will be hell.

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