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Oh, gosh...I have a problem with ud's and dd's...what did help me on the dd's was to get some frozen entrees..I know for sure how many calories are in them.
Ud' today..I got stuck out in town and got really had my favorite double steakburger, which has about 500 cals in it..and some I have to figure out dinner so that I don't go over..the problem with that is I need to save some for a snack, becuase I usually always want one...I have started planning a lot better and that seems to help me not go over..and I plan things that I really like so I don't feel so deprived...but here is how quick it can get away from me...say I have the steakburger...if I add a shake to the order I'd have to tack on at least 800 more calories, so thank God I have not been doing that,.
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