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Thank you all for the wonderful advice and comments. They truly are helpful. I am doing the big grocery shopping thing today and so yesterday when I was gone I told him he needed to plan his week of menus and write down a grocery list. He bulked but I said I am too busy and also I don't know what he wants to eat. So he did it. He printed off the recipes so I could just write them on the grocery list.

Getting my DD foods and myself going on my successful journey on JUDDD.

Yesterday I even bought a pair of cropped pants that fit but were too snug to be able to wear, they were $12.00 so I bought them anyway. I will wear them before summer done.. they are white. I haven't bought anything other than t-shirts or underthings white in about 15 years.

I also yesterday was not to smart and wore a pair of shoes I got, which I should of bought a 1/2 size bigger, but assumed they would stretch out, but no, so today I have huge blisters on back of both ankles and on both little toes. I should of known better, they were not shopping shoes and probably won't ever get comfrotable. I know my feet will heal but just wondering how they will do when I work out tomorrow morning on treadmill doing C25k. Which I didn't do all last week... jeez what happended to me.

Anyway, thank you all for the wonderful support.
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