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Originally Posted by AndyBFK View Post
Thanks!!! I've been making a lot of Shirataki lately and am always looking for new ways to prepare it. I find a lot of recipes on the internet, but you never know how they will turn out. It's good to hear of one that a JUDDD'er has tried and liked.
I can't seem to find the miracle noodles anywhere except WF which is like a zoo and I hate going too. So I end up with the Tofu ones since I can get em at Kroger. I told my DH that "Tofu" was just the brand name and they're really just rice noodles like he gets in his Vietnamese dishes. He has no clue and LOVES them. I'm like a mom who has to sneak things into his food (no those aren't sauteed onions, they're just sauteed celery for crunch).
Hehehe! Too cute!! I get the miracle noodles from Netrition and don't have to hassle with WF.

The recipe is even tastier if you can afford calorie wise to up the parmesan content.
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