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Originally Posted by Goner View Post
DD for me, the lower the calories the better! 350 my limit!
Hope you've had a good DD.

Originally Posted by MintQ8 View Post
Probably have a cup of tea later for 22 cals, and perhaps a biscuit or 2 - found some low cal ones.
lovely to see you here, tea and biscuits and all.

Originally Posted by ohcmb View Post
I have been a bad juddder. I am back on it. For real this time .
Steely determination to the forefront.

Originally Posted by Scarlett46 View Post
Vacation is over! 7 lbs later... I'm happy to do a DD today. .
Vacation weight will be splashed away with a few rotations - good for you for getting back to the rotations so quickly.

Originally Posted by Flutter View Post
Lots of coffee with sf creamer...
You'll take up permanent residence in the 130s in no time.

Originally Posted by desertgirl View Post
I wasn't planning on eating much during the day today, but I have a raging headache. I'll have to take something to get through my work day, which means I'll have to eat more. .
I'm only too familiar with this dilemma (had to do this today).

Originally Posted by AndyBFK View Post
I had a spectacular DD on Sat. One of the best I've ever had. My energy was SOARING. My joints and muscle problems were almost non existent which allowed me to run errands for 9 hours, only sitting to drive, with almost no pain. I was in a great mood AND I managed to fast a full 24 hours. When I finally gave in and ate around 8:30, I had 2 cups of 100 cal soup and 2 glasses of wine staying right within my 514 allowed cal. Boy did I feel like I was making a turning point with tough DD's.

And then I woke up today.....

Eh, it's just going to be a hungry day. It just is. And I had some blood sugar issues today, not sure why. So, I am a little dizzy to boot. . ?
Oh dear, the only advantage to this horrible experience would be if there were an obvious lesson to draw.

Originally Posted by vanilla_latte View Post
Back on JUDDD - we won't count the times - and also back to doing my best to stay low carb..
Good to see you again

Originally Posted by Librarygirl View Post
Scratch that, MD=Fail.
These things definitely happen.

Originally Posted by tobelowcarber View Post
D: oopsie rolls, lamb burger, pickles
I always think that your lamb burgers sound tasty.

Originally Posted by Kimmietoo View Post
Yummy, and keeps me from feeling deprived on a DD.
That sounds like the nicest Shirataki and cheese recipe I've read - I must try it.

Originally Posted by pinacoladas View Post
I'm really loving the salads because you do plenty of chewing which is satisfying on DDs with next to no calories. Definitely going to add salads into my regular DD routine
It's interesting to see those of us who,like eating on DD and those who prefer liquids because chewing triggers hunger for them.

Originally Posted by deedee View Post
So far two cups of coffee with HWC. Going to have some tea with hwc before bed. Tea with real cream is amazing.
I like chai with almond milk but normally take my tea without either milk or sugar. It's never occurred to me to try tea with cream.
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