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I had a spectacular DD on Sat. One of the best I've ever had. My energy was SOARING. My joints and muscle problems were almost non existent which allowed me to run errands for 9 hours, only sitting to drive, with almost no pain. I was in a great mood AND I managed to fast a full 24 hours. When I finally gave in and ate around 8:30, I had 2 cups of 100 cal soup and 2 glasses of wine staying right within my 514 allowed cal. Boy did I feel like I was making a turning point with tough DD's.

And then I woke up today.....

Eh, it's just going to be a hungry day. It just is. And I had some blood sugar issues today, not sure why. So, I am a little dizzy to boot.

MY WL range is 514 to 770. Really going to try and stay close to the 514. No promises.

B: Coffee (one day I'll have to see what all the fuss is over HWC. I just prefer the powdered stuff and since I only use a bit, I tend not to count the calories. Hm, I probably should). 20 cal maybe?

L: 2 FF Hotdogs, 2 pieces high fiber bread, sugar free bread&butter pickles. 200

S: Planning on some Greek Yogurt with Mio - 100 cal

D: Leftover MMMM-Minestrone (Hungry Girl recipe). 100 cal cup. 2 cups. Big green salad with WF Bacon Ranch Dressing, some bacon bits, and cherry tom. I'll need to calculate this as I make it depending on how hungry I am, but I'm thinking somewhere around 50 cal tops?
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