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I just stand naturally, neither exhaling or inhaling. I do not suck anything in. I make the tape snug against my bare skin, but not tight enough to cause a skin bulge around the tape.

I measure first thing in the morning, after going to the bathroom and before eating.

I have a bunch of moles on my body, and I use some of them to make sure I measure in the same spot each time.

I am very honest in the way I measure.

I measure my neck, bust, waist, belly, hips, thigh and calf.

I used to also measure my forearm, but it never changed and I got bored with it. Obviously, that is not the place where I carry most of my body fat.

I used to measure my bicep, but I got bored with that, too, even though it did change a little.

I used to measure my midriff, too, but stopped when it got to its smallest size. I don't think my ribs are going to get any smaller.

The things I continue to measure really show my body fat, so I will keep doing them.

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