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Originally Posted by Mar922 View Post
The nap helped!

I woke up from my nap wandered down to my basement to the deep freeze and opened it and was hit with a terrible smell! Everything had thawed and that is where I keep ALL my meat so now I have to clean the deep freeze and live off eggs until tomorrow when I can get to costco and restock all my chicken breasts.

Luckily my bf had taken 1 chicken breast out of the deep freeze and put it in the upstairs freezer so I made that for dinner.

So I am sad that I have to buy all new meat when I wads all stocked up but grateful for that one chicken breast
Yay for the nap and Boo for the broken freezer. We stock up on meats at Costco and would be out a lot of money if that happened.

I am off to bed. I will check in tomorrow.
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