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Originally Posted by kempmuhlbauer View Post
Dairyqueen: Boudin balls is a rice and pork sausage with the casing peeled away, cut off a 1 inch piece, flatten insert small piece of american or pepper jack cheese make into a ball, dip in egg mixture, dip in flour, a couple of times for a nice flaky crust then deep fry for a few minutes, cheese melts in to the rice and pork, oh my God I already want one. This is another reason I am pressing so hard to get the fat off, I am afraid of the gain on that weekend. Going to try and get up early on both mornings down there and get a nice exercise in on the beach and do some basice calastenics(sp). We are going to kill it this month!!!!! Lets do this!!!
I wonder if you could use well drained "cauli-rice" in place of the rice and then coat in coconut flour..... hmmm, might have to give this one a try sometime...
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