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LOL Kissa!! I know!!
Sungoddess, I don't think my losses will be this significant in coming weeks, probably alot of water in there.
I am surprised at the luck I am having with such high DD's as well, although I am still in the range that Dr. Johnson suggests for weight loss, just the TOP end.
Maybe I have a fast metabolism?
I did 2 rounds of HCG, one at 500 calories a day and one at 750...both times i was totally MISERABLE. I never got that 'full' feeling people talked about. Was starving all the time.
I just think I need more.
So, yesterday, I had my lowest DD yet, at 8.30pm I was around 570 calories, but I was just too hungry, so I had a couple of crispbreads with a laughing cow, chicken lunch meat and yellow mustard and went up to right under 700.

I will continue to try and go lower, just now, I am trying really hard to listen to my body!

the weather here is good! Got up to a balmy 35 degrees today!!!
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