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Originally Posted by kitty_el View Post
So day one is almost over for me - its 9pm here in England.

Today has been okay - I have eaten : some turkey breast, 2 HB eggs, tin of tuna (mixed with a little bit of mayo - I had nothing else and couldn't face it dry) a chicken breast & lots of water!!

I am feeling hungry and a bit sick but think these are to be expected. I am looking forward to tomorrow and losing weight!!!

Only 20 more days to go!!!!

How has everyone else got on? What have you all eaten?
Good going Kitty, I hope the sickiness passes soon.
Do eat some mayo with Tuna, it needs it! Don't stress on that factor. A little on chicken is good too. However, try that mixed with a tiny bit of mustard and you have a good sauce too. Also, a different way to do chichen (breast, thigh or shredded meat), is just add some of it shredded to a skillet with some butter and pepper. It is awesome, even the next day.

I sometimes cook, bake or roast in my oven on very low heat, a whole chicken and then debone it and pack it shredded in snack bags (usually get 8-12 meals from it for just me); then I warm some up in a skillet with butter (oil/seasalt blend at times) and put some pepper or whatever herb/spice I'm in the mood for, and a meal so tasty, I don't mind having seconds. You'll get use to doing less too when you find satifying meals. Mae
I have a doc of meal ideas if you need one. Let me know, send PM. Mae
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