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There are all sorts of reasons one might follow a low carb diet, weight loss isn't the only reason. Just getting grains out of the diet might help one person with digestion issues, others (like me) have prediabetes/diabetes, etc.

You can follow a lower carb diet and still possibly have some sugar in your coffee. It's an overall carb count for the day, though some people stay as close to Zero as possible. It doesn't mean you have to.

If the only thing that is making you unhappy is not having sugar in your coffee, just have that sugar. If the rest of the diet works for you, terrific. If you find you don't lose the weight, well, perhaps it is the sugar. But 2 t in the morning coffee is a lot different that 1/4 c spread out over the day in multiple cups.

Ketosis helps keep hunger away, that's one of the joys of it. And for people who tend to overeat and binge, it's a wonderful help. But other people don't have binging tendancies, so perhaps being in ketosis isn't important for them.

We all just find what works for us.

You might find you just need to cut back on carbs a little bit, watch your quantities and get a little more active, and that 10 lbs will be gone. Good luck with the plan you choose.
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