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What to do when you want to maintain - not lose any more

Hello This is my first post. I am not a "dieter". I have never had a real weight problem however, I am getting older (49) and I quit smoking a year ago. I gained about 18 pounds - from 112 to 130 at 5'4". Eight of them are fine the other 10 really show as bumpy jiggly fat and a new muffin top on me. I don't care to eat a lot of sweets, never any fast food but I do have a weakness for mexican food. I don't eat "junk food" really, just tortilla chips with cheese dip (that is my craving).I eat organic when possible. I have always just eaten what I wanted to eat. One day that might have been fruit, veggies and meat and on another tortilla chips and a bowl of Queso dip. Sadly for me I can't do that anymore. I am on day 5 of Atkins induction and the keto strips are at the moderate level so I really don't know if I'm in ketosis or not. I am of course miserable not eating carbs. I don't care about the pasta, rice, beans or bread. What I really want is some sugar in my coffee and tea, fruit and tortillas. Any and all artificial or "other than sugar" (stevia) sweeteners are repulsive to me. I am using Stevia and Truvia in my drinks now but they just make me unhappy.

Here is my question: Since this is a way of eating for life, where do you balance out the carbs if you don't want to lose any more weight but still want to burn any potential new fat that may have eyes on your thighs? By the time this horrid 2 weeks is over I will have lost the 10 lbs I wanted gone. At my age if I were to lose more weight, my wrinkles would just show up and being too thin is not attractive. I am not currently exercising but plan to start once induction is over. Thanks for any advice!
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