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Originally Posted by RW City Sue View Post
Berta 27lbs is great! It all adds up and makes a difference. I'm thinking of trying to start up another support thread for WW since the last thread was June 2015. Not sure if there's enuf people interested to carry another thread. I've lost right at 10lbs in just over a month, so slow but sure for me also and I'm making lots of lifestyle changes.

Hi Sue
I would love that! It only takes a few to start. Go for it
I have TONS & TONS of recipes that are WW friendly.

How are you liking the new plan?
Myself I am not losing as well.BUT I have a very bad thyroid and Dr is going to up my doses.So maybe that will help? We'll see. I lost much better on the old Points Plus.
I know this SP is much healthier way of eating.I have diabetes 2. So I know it is much better for me. But I like sweets so actually that is the only reason I like the other plan better.

Let me know if you start another Weight Watchers Board.
My weigh in is Tuesday evenings. When are yours?

I hope you have a great on plan week
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