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Aleina 09-22-2013 05:24 PM

Artificial sweeteners increase sugar craving
I knew it...:lol:

Why sweeteners may INCREASE your sugar craving: They tickle the taste buds, but can't fool the brain into producing the pleasure response | Mail Online

Silverlynx35 05-05-2014 11:58 AM

Here's how I read this article:
Ingesting fake cocaine instead of real cocaine MAY make you crave cocaine. Better to just have small amounts of cocaine so you don't go overboard on cocaine.

This article doesn't give consideration to what else people are eating. If you don't make a break from simple starches as well as sugars, of course you're going to continue to crave. See Taubes.

This is like saying that a person drinks Diet Coke with their large fries and burger and that the artificial sweetener in the diet Coke caused their cravings.

Ronnie51 05-05-2014 03:03 PM

These studies don't give people any credit for making smart food choices. I use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar to (1) not raise my blood sugar and to (2) not gain weight (actually, I could use a few pounds but I don't want to get fat). I have a brain in my head that tells me not to eat that cheesecake with real sugar after ingesting an artificially sweetened Atkins bar. So, I don't eat that cheesecake. Plus, I don't crave eating the sweet cheesecake because the artificially sweetened Atkins bar has satisfied my sweet tooth very nicely. I don't believe these studies or most studies in general that deal with people. It is impossible to control for all factors when trying to narrow down to a cause and effect, or even to a correlation. I wonder how much money is wasted on these useless studies anyway.

Mr_Geiri 05-12-2014 06:10 AM

So it can't fool the brain to make insulin either? Then this is a good thing. Cravings alone won't make you gain weight.

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