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marieze 06-08-2013 07:03 PM

What books do you recommend?
I've read all the atkins books, wheat bellies and tons of lc cookbooks...I've also enjoyed reading Dr. bernstein's books even though I'm not diabetic.

I'm looking for recommendations more on books that are proponents of higher levels of fat...I think one is eat fat/get thin...not looking for another way of eating...just the rationale behing eating a higher fat diet.

Anybody? Oh, and the author too, please! Also, I've never read anything by Michael Moore whose name I see bantied around the boards....any recommendations?

cfine 06-08-2013 08:26 PM

The Art and Science of Low Carb Living by Voleck and Phinney. I am reading a great book right now that is called Fat Chance by Robert Lustig. I know he has been on Jimmy Moores podcast.

Mistizoom 06-08-2013 08:34 PM

I totally agree with The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Phinney and Volek. Very readable and totally about why we should eat LCHF. Have you read Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes? That's another good one. If you want more depth, you could try his Good Calories, Bad Calories though that one is much longer and with lots more scientific info in it.

Avy 06-08-2013 10:54 PM

Julia Ross' The Diet Cure... not specifically low carb, but helps me tremendously. I've also read most of the ones you mentioned, and liked them alot.

clackley 06-09-2013 07:56 AM

Life Without Bread is another very good book.

bettycooker 09-30-2013 06:30 AM

You must read Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD. The book just hit the bookstores in the last week. This is a perfect book to read after reading Wheat Belly. Dr Perlmutter provides more information and studies showing why a low carb...wheat free...paleo way of eating is the way to go. He is a neurologist and has a clinic in Naples, FL. This is another book that I have highlighted on almost every page. This one will stay in my collection.

mjgh06 10-13-2013 06:36 PM

These are the books I have read. I liked them all for one reason or another. Some may already be mentioned here:
All of Atkins books
Primal Body - Primal Mind
Primal Blueprint
The Ketogenic Diet
Art and Science of LC Performance
Primal Compromise for Athletes
Protein Power
Life w/o bread

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