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maryshack 05-17-2013 09:14 AM

Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes & Blood Sugar Solution By Mark Hyman
I tend to get on reading tangents when I have a subject I am especially interested in. Right now it is diet and nutrition. This is not really a new thing with me.
I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes since about 2003. This is when I started to get seriously interested. I was still very naive about nutrition. I followed the doctors advice and did the whole diabetic class. They encouraged low fat, allowed the carbs that I do not now agree with... Basically I could not get anywhere with this. I began to fluctuate back and forth. Trying to eat healthier. But not really low-carbing. I read every popular diet book. Poured over many articles and advice from friends. As life got even more stressful I slid back to eating and drinking the things I did before my diagnosis. Bad day, I need a Cola ICEE. or a Sonic Cherry Limeade!
A couple of months ago my doctor told me, "I am going to add a pill to try to get your blood sugars under control" He told me this was the last resort before Insulin. And now here I am!
So now that you know how I got here...
I started listening to Gary Taubes Good Calories Bad Calories. This audio book is the only way to go for me. There is so much medical, scientific and research information that I don't think I could get through it any other way. I am still listening to it. I am also currently reading "The Blood Sugar Solution" By Mark Hyman. So far the research is interesting and I am very interested in the things said. I am not sure how I will use this information yet.
My main thing at this point is to stay as low carb as I can and to up my nutrients in my diet. Hopefully by joining Low Carb Friends I can do this for the rest of my life!
I hope that we all can do this.

bettycooker 05-18-2013 05:45 AM

Loved the book Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. I didn't read it until I lost 30 lbs on a Atkins/ more like Paleo diet. Since the book is so "deep" I have read it 2 more times. I have marked it up and have put so many notes in it. For the first time ever I have so much understanding about food and how it works in the body. I now have kept the pounds off for 1 1/2 years and have lost another 5 lbs this spring. I know I will reach my goal weight since I'm not going back to any other way of eating. Good luck on your "Health Journey".

Garlic 08-14-2013 05:59 AM

That book is sitting on my kitchen table, ready to go back to the library. Personally, I did not like it nearly as much as Why We Get Fat. Way too technical for me. I got about 40 pages into it when I decided I had had enough.

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