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putthekettleon 02-08-2012 09:36 AM

The Vegetarian Myth
Let me preface this by saying hat's off to all the vegetarians out there, and I mean absolutely no offense to you. I think what you are doing is admirable if it's right for you.

That said, I'm reading a book titled The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith. What an eye opener. When I was doing South Beach a short while ago I turned vegetarian, but for many reasons started questioning it. A friend alerted me to this book The Vegetarian Myth. OMLord, what an eye opener. Anyone else read it? I think I am finally done with my vegetarian flirtations.

grinch031 02-08-2012 10:05 AM

What's the myth about vegetarians?

goose1 02-08-2012 10:09 AM

I just started the book, I think its going to be very interesting. In mid 90's I went vegetarian for about 5 years. Some of that a vegan. I ate very low fat. I ended up gaining 50lbs. Part of that gain was from my Thyroid quiting on me. I'm starting to wonder though if I damaged my Thyroid by my food choices.

LadyKT 02-08-2012 10:12 AM

I know this is a "to each their own" scenario (YMMV?), but my aunt is a vegetarian and has breast cancer. I don't think she's in a far stage, she just had a lumpectomy; But with all that soy stuff, makes you wonder huh.

ilikecarbs 02-08-2012 10:13 AM

Interested in the topic...a little info on the book would be appreciated.

Becky 02-08-2012 10:14 AM

I seriously have to check that book out of the library! I know they have it I've seen it. I was thinking about vegetarianism again....I get the guilts about all the critters that have to die so I can eat them. I've read tons of pro-vegetarianism books so a flip side view might be refreshing (a non Atkins/low carb view that is).

Auntie Em 02-08-2012 10:42 AM

Putthekettleon, if you felt like writing a review for LCF, I know I would appreciate it.

Here's the book Recommended Reading section.

Thanks for posting about this book. :)

putthekettleon 02-08-2012 10:52 AM

Hi Auntie Em, wow I didn't even know there was such a section on this forum! Goes to show you how I stay stuck in one place!

I'll do that later on this week. I'm going to write a review on amazon, so I'll just copy that one here. Thanks!

Auntie Em 02-08-2012 10:59 AM

Putthekettleon, I'm looking forward to your post! :)

JustCallMeAmy 02-08-2012 11:26 AM

i've heard great things about this book also and it's on my must read list after i finally get around to reading my copy of Wheat Belly lol!!!

looking forward to the review :)

NextLevel 02-08-2012 01:58 PM

So what exactly does this book talk about??

stardustshadow 02-08-2012 04:29 PM

I just re-read this book! It is a good one!

Tabbz82 02-08-2012 04:31 PM

Hmm...I am interested. I must check it out! :)

Charski 02-08-2012 08:06 PM

I could never go there - I love meat too much.

Vegetables have to "die" too before we eat them - they just don't have cute faces like meat! ;)

I've finally learned to not let the face thing bother me. I've even helped with some of the slaughter/butchering process a few times, with lambs and pigs, from farms where they had very good lives up to the day they gave it up so I could eat the way my forebears did - meat.

It really gave me a good appreciation for the process, AND I always say a little private "thank you" to the creature.

I'll be interested in reading your review, PTKO - please post a link to it in this thread!

flatferenghi 02-08-2012 08:26 PM

i have said this before, and i am saying it again.
i am not dogmatic about diets..the weight loss kind, or the kind that people grew up with or just chose for themselves. I love veggies and salads, but I just cannot handle all that roughage. Also, in addition to DMII, I have thyroid issues too. Ergo, I go very light on soy laden ingredients. But for those who want to be VEGAN, that is fine. What I DO object to are those VEGGIHOLICS, that are agressively trying to stifle us CARNIVORES. Fortunately, there are enough senators and congresspeople representing the beef, chicken, and pork industries to stop them in their tracks. I am sure those same self righteous folks are just as abusive with plants as we (allegedly)are with animals...and we are not. Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

PaminKY 02-09-2012 07:51 AM

I read the review on Dr. Eades site yesterday and all day I couldn't get the "fence across the Serengheti" idea out of my mind. Just how ignorant can people be?

metqa 02-09-2012 08:14 AM

I know! I know! That's like adopting a pet cat then putting it in a room with a garden salad to starve to death.

Some things the author says aren't exactly correct, like how ruminants get their nutrition ( they eat the grass and bacteria eat the cellulose and they eat the bacteria) Nope that's how worms digest, Ruminants actually thrive on the volatile short chain fatty acids created from the cellulose digestion. Something small , but it will be fodder for people opposing her viewpoints to say she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Tammy2002 02-09-2012 09:19 AM

the thing that I took away most from that book was how agri-business (mostly subsidized corn and wheat) is ruining something like 90% or America's arable land. Nothing else will survive on a field where corn and wheat are grown....there is no bio-diversity. No moles, mice, nothing.... part of that is driven by vegetarianism but not all...

in the "old days" farmers would have cows grazing on land, dropping their fertilizer for insects to eat, then birds and mice, then fox etc. and on up the food-chain making for a very bio-diverse and ecologically sound environment. Pretty soon, we will be left with nothing but dried up land with no top-soil and the earth will stop supporting life. Which is the exact OPPOSITE of what vegetarians and vegans think they are supporting. They think that there way is the natural way but it is the farthest thing from natural. In NATURE, everything eats something else... even a tree will "eat" the nutrients from a dead boy buried underneath it. To not eat animals is just about the most UN natural thing in the world.

There is far more to the book , including her testament to how sick she got from years of being a vegetarian. There is a heavy feminist bent which gets a little far-fetched in my opinion but is still interesting.

Very good book.

Emily-D 02-09-2012 09:33 AM

I read Michael Eades review a while back, but still haven't read the book. I recently saw Emily Deans' criticism of Wheat Belly, which also mentioned The Vegetarian Myth. Unfortunately, a careless statement or two can cast doubt on the entire work. Evolutionary Psychiatry: Slam-dunked and Wheat Belly

On a recent trip to Whole Foods, I saw a prominent display of The China Study, Forks Over Knives, and other similar books. Too bad there's no display of books presenting the other side.

rae33 02-09-2012 04:41 PM

LOVE this book! I was vegetarian for over 20 years and despite all my efforts to 'get healthy' I just kept getting fatter and sicker (highest weight ever was 248 at 5'7"). Everything I tried to lose and to stop feeling like crap all the time just wasn't working, so I decided (reluctantly) to try eating meat again- the health results were instant and overwhelming but I still felt so guilty about the animals and the 20 years of vegetarian doctrine were playing over and over in my head...

Then I read this book! It helped me to realize that grain mono crops do far more damage to the environment and kills so many animals- in ways you wouldn't really think of since you aren't eating animals when you eat grains or soy.

The MOST important thing I got from reading this book was a deep sense of KNOWING that eating animals is part of being a human animal and that this is my place in the beautiful and complex "circle of life." It is comforting to me to know that NATURE has provided me something that makes me feel good, healthy (finally!) and a part of nature itself :)

The author distinguishes between factory farmed meat and grass fed/ pastured meat. I never knew there was a difference! Last fall I bought a 1/4 of a 100% grass fed cow from a local rancher. It makes me happy to know that all year I will be nourished and it involves only 1 animal death.

This is an important book!

phurst_gal 02-09-2012 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by Auntie Em (Post 15399212)
Putthekettleon, if you felt like writing a review for LCF, I know I would appreciate it.

Here's the book Recommended Reading section.

Thanks for posting about this book. :)

:eek: I've been a member here forever ... and I didn't know there was a "recommended reading" section.

Learning something new every day!

creseis 02-09-2012 05:37 PM

So I've been reading Low Carbohydrate Living by Volek and Phinney (<3) and they get pretty involved in discussing fats. A friend of mine is very vocal on facebook about her veganism and I kind of in a very not-rude way asked her how she gets enough of the right fats and she answered: "tofutti! it's made from tofu!"


Why are people so misinformed about food? And why do they so easily shun science? It's really difficult being a scientist who is inquisitive about the actual processes behind the actions, it just makes it that much harder to watch everyone around you fail.

saltnpepper 02-10-2012 05:31 AM

I have not read this book. But thanks to everyone for your input. Now I want to read it!

PghPALady1974 02-26-2012 05:47 PM

Today at work I said this was going to be the next book I read because we were joking around with the 19 yr old kid that works there.

He became a vegetarian last month out of the blue after watching some PETA video his friend told him to watch (*side note I have nothing against vegetarians! How you eat is your business not mine! Like I said, we were joking with him.). He got so mad at me after saying I was going to eat a big juicy steak tonight that he's not even talking to me! :stars:

He unfortunately is VERY closed minded and whatever he says is law (takes after his mother) and refuses to believe anything else, so I doubt very much if he would even consider reading this himself.

Will be interesting to see what I get out of it.

Coleslaw 04-08-2012 10:08 AM

I will see if I can borrow this from local library..

I was a vegetarian for eleven years until I moved in with OH. Was never for pro-animal reasons, I just liked it more. Then OH seduced me with stellar cooked breakfasts, fish and lamb.

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