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jezzie 02-17-2010 06:55 AM

Food Rules (An Eater's Manual)
Food Rules (An Eater's Manual), by Michael Pollan

Excellent fast read. What to eat? The answer is simpler than I thought.
I want to buy a copy of this book for everyone I know.

Eat Food; Not Too Much; Mostly Plants. - Michael Pollan


steady 02-25-2010 12:40 PM

I just ordered it!

jezzie 03-25-2010 06:51 AM

Have you read it yet? If so what did you think?


steady 03-25-2010 12:58 PM

Yes I did Jezzie. I have been meaning to post.

If you are familiar with Michael Pollan’s work, then this is nothing profound; it is pretty much the same sensible advice. Definitely worth reading, but personally, I don’t think it is really worth buying. However, for those unfamiliar with his work, then this is a really good book to start with. It is a short read that can be enjoyed over a cup of coffee at B&N or Borders.

Even prior to reading any of Pollan’s work, my own food principles led me to eat and live this way. I found it a great boost and confirmation of why “all this effort” to eat real food is worth it. Overall, I really do love his claim to fame statement: Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not Too Much. Therefore, I liked that each chapter contains rules to living out each sentence.

His book doesn’t promote or discourage LC or eating meat. Every "rule" get us back to eating REAL food, something I stress importance on with my WOE/WOL.

Although my eating/food purchasing behaviors are already consistent with most of his food principles, his “rules” are such concise statements. These rules make me say to myself…”oh yeah, that is what I’ve been doing” or “I should try that”. The rules are a great reminder of why food has always been important to me (good and bad). For me…spending money is like voting for you believe…that includes food.

Here are a few “rules” I like (may/ may not be direct quotes):
  • Avoid food with health claims. Eg. Most yogurt on the market is filled with junk and very little of what is so good about yogurt. It really burns me up. Gogurt is “healthy” just because it contains a bit of yogurt hidden in a ton of sugar.
  • Avoid foods pretending to be something they are not. Ie. Margarine pretends to be butter.
  • Eat foods that will eventually rot.
  • It if came from a plant eat it, if it is made in a plant don’t.
  • Eat like an omnivore- ie. Try eating and adding new plants, meat, and fungi to your diet.
  • Eat fermented foods.- kimchi, soy sauce, wine, sauerkraut, yogurt.
  • Junk food is junk food even if it is organic. This is a huge peeve of mine…I actually avoid Whole Foods and Trader Joes, because many people tote junk around in their carts and think it is “healthy” because of what the stores tell you they carry. They all market and it irks me that people fall for it. No TJ’s I’ve been to sells real sour cream…they sell some crap brand filled with thickeners. Even Kroger’s generic “all natural” sour cream isn’t filled with that crap…and it is $1 for 16 oz.
  • Eat like a French, Japanese, etc. Just pick a culture, any culture and follow it…it is better than SAD.
  • Avoid non-traditional foods. Ie OK to eat a reasonable amount of tofu, but avoid things like soy burgers that are made from TVP.
Personally, I took away the most from the “not too much” section. (Ie. How to eat.). Sitting down to a home cooked meal has always been important to me, because it brings people together, provides nourishment, and to me, it really does show love., Eating “more” (too much) doesn’t do “more”. Some other “rules” I like:
  • The law of diminishing return. – (I’ve been applying this since I learned about it in 8th grade economics)- 1st bite tastes the best, next a little less. Stop when there is no satisfaction.
  • Spend as much time enjoying the meal as you do cooking it. This is why I get so peeved when DH takes dinner over to the couch.
  • Eat meals- I learned this one on LC. I was a grazer before and grazed & binged my way up to 150 lbs. There is no satisfaction in either grazing or bingeing.
  • Try not to eat alone. This is one I really got to follow…I get into trouble when I eat alone.
  • No snacks, No seconds, No sweets.
  • Leave something on your plate. By far the hardest for me. Growing up we never wasted food, because our very own family was “starving” in India.
Overall, read it. It is a good way to live…

mom2twoboys 04-09-2010 09:06 AM

I wish there was a cook book to go along with this book!

KittyAtlanta 05-17-2010 02:50 PM

Steady, my Ex-H used to take dinner to the TV and be finished in 5 minutes. As stated, he's now my ex. ...hurt my feelings or diss me to often and, well,

have a happy life!!!

jezzie 05-18-2010 07:44 AM


Originally Posted by mom2twoboys (Post 13350498)

I wish there was a cook book to go along with this book!

Now there is an idea.

I have read two of his books. But the larger one I didn't read 'cover to cover'.
Whereas 'Food Rules' I had read twice ..... before I even started this thread.


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