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ny_shelly 10-12-2007 05:43 PM

"Know Your Fats" book - questions
Does that book "Know your Fats" explains all the stuff about which fats are best to use for eating, cooking, etc?

Is Canola oil a vegetable oil?

Do you use olive oil on a salad? I went and got the healthy vinegar as recommended but if I'm using the wrong oil then it's pretty pointless.

What oils do you use for what things?

If you use coconut oil for frying does everything actually taste coco-nutty?

Thanks for all help!

fawn 10-12-2007 05:52 PM

Hi Shelly
The book does in fact explain a great deal. Flash points, denaturization, omega's, the history of fats and the correlation to heart disease......It's so valuable in my opinion that this is going to be Christmas Presents for some family members this year on my list.

I don't have a lot of time to go into detail right now but I'll leave you with this.....

canola oil is from the rapeseed and is plant matter. It is over processed, bleached, gmo,(thank you Monsanto once again!) pesticide ridden and more than likely processed with hexane a petroleum product.

For high temp. cooking/frying I recommend rice bran oil. Don't worry about it as "rice" it is the fat not the starch.
Coconut oil is good for frying but leaves a coconut flavor. I wouldn't use anything less than EVCO, cold pressed but that's just me.
Walnut oil is another great oil for higher heats and olive oil should be used only for very light saute and salads and/or dipping as it loses its omega 3's in the heat process.
I hope this helps and there's a lot more out there about combining fats, etc....
The author is Dr. Mary Enig

ny_shelly 10-12-2007 05:56 PM

Thanks so much. I will be putting that book on my Christmas list.

I will look into those other oils. I don't mind coconut taste - just wanted to know what to expect.

I am glad to slowly transition to better eating for my whole family.

Charski 10-12-2007 08:04 PM

Try EPCO - expeller-pressed coconut oil. Tropical Traditions sells an organic, non-chemically-processed one, I keep QUARTS of it on hand.

I also use organic lard, specifically Mother Linda's. It's expensive but worth it!

For salads, pretty much I stick with a good EVOO. (Extra virgin olive oil.) I'm with Fawn - I don't eat canola oil - WAY too processed for my liking. Nor do I eat soy oil.

Of course organic butter is YUM too, but you need to combine it with EVOO or the aforementioned lard if you're going to panfry with it, otherwise it burns too easily.

fawn 10-12-2007 08:17 PM

Oh yes Char I forgot about Mother Linda's lard! What are you using that with?
And, you're happy with the CO? Because I would like to use it more frequently but DH cannot stand coconut.

ny_shelly 10-13-2007 07:52 AM

Thanks everyone - this will be a good thing for me to work on. Another rung in the health ladder.

Charski 10-13-2007 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by fawn (Post 9349085)
Oh yes Char I forgot about Mother Linda's lard! What are you using that with?
And, you're happy with the CO? Because I would like to use it more frequently but DH cannot stand coconut.

Fawn, I use the lard anywhere I might have used Crisco in my "before" life - it's great for making LC pie crust, or frying - I use it sparingly though because it ain't cheap!

My DH also does NOT like coconut - and he uses the EPCO every morning to make his scrambled eggs. NO taste, no odor. It's very nice stuff.

Linny 03-09-2009 06:36 AM

OLD post but just found it here.......I also just discovered the book by Mary Enig, PhD on "Know Your Fats" and have considered buying it.

Fawn, do you still recommend this book?

fawn 03-09-2009 10:31 AM

I do Linny. I think it's a comprehensive description of lipids that will serve you for life.....

Linny 03-09-2009 10:55 AM

Thanks :)

dawnyama 06-04-2012 05:35 PM

I know this is an old post but I thought I would share that this was the first book I bought on my Kindle :) 2 Christmas' ago.

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