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mahyde 07-20-2004 08:37 AM

Carbquik Baking Flour
Anyone try Carbquik Baking Flour? A replacement for Bisquick so it says.

mahyde 07-23-2004 06:14 PM

Just saw this on a newsgroup so not sure what to make of this.

< On the box I'm looking at here, it says "no trans fats". I don't see
that on their website, but it's on the package. Also, it's not too
high in fat, calories, and sodium.>

Dianna 07-31-2004 02:49 PM

Has anyone used this long enough to know if it makes you stall or lose slower? I hope this works, but it sounds too good to be true. You know?


SCOTTSDALEJULIE 08-01-2004 12:15 PM

I made the pizza last night. Not the white pizza, but just regular. I had to double the recipe as I didn't have a pan small enough. Anyway, I thought it was o.k. a little too bisquity tasting for a pizza, but my DH absolutely loved it, as did my grandson.

mahyde 08-01-2004 05:57 PM

I just made the cheddar biscuits (1/2 the recipe) and they tasted just like the Red Lobster ones to me. That was my dinner, three biscuits with butter.:cool:

I did add a 1/4 t of baking powder and used club soda in place of water. No reason for that, just used to doing it in other low carb baking mixes.

susies1955 08-06-2004 08:51 AM

[COLOR=darkblue]I just placed and order for some Carbquik.
How are the one's of you who bought it doing with it? Is it good?
Does it really replace Bisquick and baking mixes?

mahyde 08-06-2004 09:17 AM

I am on maintenance but have noticed no weight gain while eating it.

Motts Landing 08-07-2004 07:04 AM

I'm in OWL and just got my boxes a few days ago. I have made the pizza crust (not bad), Cheddar Bisquits (great) and another type bisquit (great). So far so good..... after using this product 3 days in a row, I am down a couple pounds but I don't know if this is long enough to use something to know for sure how it will effect weightloss.

TXLoser 08-07-2004 07:13 AM

I found this on their website about trans fats:

Nutritional FAQ:

Does Carbquik contain trans fatty acids?

No. Carbquik is made using partially hydrogenated soy oil, which does contain trans fats. This is used in small amounts in Carbquik and does not contribute nutritionally. According to FDA guidelines, Carbquik does not contain nutritionally significant trans fats.

Just thought I would share what I saw. I am excited about this product and look forward to reviews as more people try it. I think the cheddar biscuits will be my first item.

Thanks for letting us know about this.

hayes2258 08-07-2004 07:19 AM

Nutritional FAQ:

Does Carbquik contain trans fatty acids?

No. Carbquik is made using partially hydrogenated soy oil, which does contain trans fats. This is used in small amounts in Carbquik and does not contribute nutritionally. According to FDA guidelines, Carbquik does not contain nutritionally significant trans fats.

What is enzyme modified wheat?

Enzyme modified wheat is one of the innovations that make Carbalose and Carbquik so unique. Through a proprietary process, we combine wheat products with enzymes to create a flour-like product with minimal carbohydrates. This creates a product with the taste and properties of wheat flour without the carbs.

Can I Trust Your Nutrition Information?

Yes. Unlike many "low-carb" products, we have submitted Carbquik in both dry and baked form, to two independent food labs: Microbac Laboratories and Silliker Laboratories. The results are reflected on our nutrition panel.

BettyR 08-07-2004 10:30 AM

Has anyone tried making anything with Carbquick and yeast? Does anyone remember Angel Biscuits or the Bisquick yeast rolls? OH! and the Bisquick Kolaches made with the little sausages and cheese. DROOL!!!

Motts Landing 08-07-2004 01:07 PM

:clap: OH MY.....

Okay....decided to search the "Bisquik" website for recipes and convert using Carbquik. These turned out scrumptious! Basically carbquik with milk (I used heavy cream) and 1 T. splenda to make dough. Roll out, spread with softened butter, and sprinkle a mix of cinnamon & splenda. Roll up tight and cut into pieces and bake. I decided to mix some cream cheese, liquid splenda, & butter for a spread. TOO GOOD!!!!:cool:
Do any of ya'll notice this mix staying a bit to the dry side at all? I am finding the need for adding a bit extra liquid to make dough with it...anybody else?? (Perhaps I pack the mix in too tightly instead of just scooping and leveling off??) Also.... do you feel it rises as well as the old Bisquik did?

Motts Landing 08-08-2004 03:08 PM


I just made the cheddar biscuits (1/2 the recipe) and they tasted just like the Red Lobster ones to me. That was my dinner, three biscuits with butter.

Mahyde or Scottsdale: when you made your cheddar biscuits (1/2 the recipe) how many biscuits did it yield?? I cut it in half also and got 8 out of it. I was confused because the pkg says "serves 10" for the whole recipe. SO.... does that mean 10 biscuits or enough for 10 people?? Since half batch made 8 for me, I did not know if mine were smaller but to me they seemed decent size. Just trying to get the correct carb count for the right amount of biscuits.

DO YOU PACK YOUR MIX DOWN or just scoop and level without packing?

ALSO..... do you find them to be a bit dry?

Does your mix rise well (like the old Bisquick) or just "so-so"?


mahyde 08-08-2004 04:28 PM

Hi Julie

No I didn't pack mine down, just sort of loosely formed them. I did use the recipe off the website not on the box if I remember right. For 1/2 the recipe I made five of them, probably could make them smaller though. My dh said they tasted just like the "old" biscuits in which he said they were also slightly dry too if that helps you any.

Also I used club soda instead of water and added 1/4 t of baking powder. Don't remember about baking with bisquik. That has been tooooooo many moons ago.:D

I didn't really check into the exact carb count though. I think the bake mix is lower in fat, carbs and calories which is what I wanted.

I am sold on it too.


SCOTTSDALEJULIE 08-08-2004 05:32 PM

I actually got 8 bisquits for a half of mix, but they were pretty small. Next time I'll make them a little bigger. That is a great suggestion about using a little baking powder and club soda, I never remember that. But, yep, I'm sold on it too. I am excited to see and taste what Jennifer's bake mix is going to be like, and if it will make good dumplings. It would be better than having to order it. Julie

PaminKY 08-12-2004 08:21 AM

I got my Carbquik order in Monday. I tried it out last night but had left my recipe at work so I just kind of winged it to make a cinnamon type drop biscuit. I have to say that the texture is great. I made and ate alot of dobie muffins before but the texture of flax seed meal always kind of grated on my teeth, kind of like you could feel the filaments in the muffin. The only bad thing was they were a bit dry so I'm thinking next time that I'll add a bit of shortnening or lard (Crisco now makes a no trans-fat shortening, also Smart Balance) and make the cut-out biscuits.

I have been scanning the web for other Bisquick recipes to try out but right now I have limited time with working all day and canning or drying garden stuff all evening. I not complaining because I keep thinking how good this stuff will be this winter.


mahyde 08-12-2004 08:46 AM

The website now has a FAQ troubleshooting which is very helpful.

parrotchic 08-12-2004 09:09 AM

I just got my order of carbquik and have not had the time to use it, I have a question for you all. When using the Bisquik recipes are you following them cup for cup with the use of the Carbquik? In other words if the bisquik recipe calls for 2 cups, will you still use 2 cups of the Carbquik? I printed off some Bisquik recipes and found a few I would like to try. Thanks;)

Motts Landing 08-12-2004 09:28 AM

for me personally...I followed it cup for cup. Changed only the typical ingredient substitutions such as splenda for sugar and cream or LC milk for regular milk etc. Hope that helps. I would like to hear everyone else's way of doing things....jump in!

PaminKY 08-12-2004 09:40 AM

I will also follow cup for cup. I think I will also try the club soda and a little extra baking powder too. I am also going to try to make sausage gravy out of this this weekend. I looked at the website and noticed that they point out that the recipe on the box for drop biscuits calls for more water that the recipe on the website. I used the recipe on the box so maybe thats why mine were a little dry because in the FAQ that stress that the water amount needs to be exact.

I am also going to use this in my next batch of Sherrielee cornbread instead of the bake mix.

I still plan on making and eating the Dobie muffins since I think they are probably better for you but It will be nice to have a change sometimes.


Pami 08-16-2004 03:59 AM

I got mine last Monday.
I had to make something with it right away (PMS, ya know), and I had a
recipe for brownies using Bisquick, so that's what I made.

I ate those for a couple days, then tried muffins.
I made the sour cream muffins (just butter, sour cream and the bake mix),
but the batter was so thick, I thought I should add something.
I ended up adding Splenda, lemon juice, lemon rind and poppy seeds.

Yesterday morning, I tried a pancake recipe.
This wasn't the typical recipe on the box; this recipe said they are "light and
fluffy and melt in your mouth".
OK, I haven't made the one off the box, so I don't have anything to compare
it with, but these were wonderful!

About measuring this out: Back in the old (pre-lowcarb) days, I used to
stir my Bisquick with a fork before lightly spooning it into the measuring
That is how I measured the Carbquik as well.
I'm thinking that the manufacturers didn't mean for it to be measured
that way, though, because the label states there are 30 servings in a box,
and I have already made 16 brownies, 12 muffins and 12 pancakes,
and there is still a little bit left in the box.

About losing, stalling or gaining: Like I said at the top, I am in the throes
of PMS (that's the reason my first recipe had to include chocolate).
Normally, I would be up 5 to 10 pounds this week, but I have been eating
the Carbquik every day (well, 6 days out of the last 7 anyway).
I am down 7.5 lbs from last Monday!!
If it was all the fiber (8g fiber out of 10g total carbs) that was responsible
for this loss, would that mean that I was full of you-know-what before???

Brendajm 08-16-2004 05:41 AM

could someone let me know where to get this from? has anyone seen it in the stores yet besides Kroger since they dont exist whrere I live. thanks

EDITED: Netrition.com carries Carbquik now http://www.netrition.com/cgi/goto.cg...quik_page.html

TXLoser 08-16-2004 06:05 AM

I made the cheddar biscuits off the box but mine seemed a little dry.

I am glad to hear you can substitute cup for cup for the bisuick recipe because then I will modify my original cheddar biscuit receipe and try that.

Thanks for all the tips and suggestions...the box is smaller than I thought I was getting now will have to order more!!!!

Jen111 08-17-2004 05:39 PM

Hi Julie,

I just made a Bumble Berry Cobbler with my bisquick substitute as well. Worked out great - not quite so doughy as with white flour though - it was way more tender. Very good with Creme Fraiche. It lasted no longer than 20 minutes and the whole thing was happily gobbled up by my cobbler gobbler sons and my DH. ;)

Blackhills Gal 08-19-2004 11:50 AM

Made a Biscuit!
I used 1/4 cup of the mix, added 1 T of hard butter which I mixed in very well like for pie crust (using my Magic Bullet which I love) and added 1 T. milk plus a tiny bit of salt. I formed one large biscuit on a baking pan and baked it in my toaster oven. I can't tell you the temperature or time because my oven is pretty unreliable, but I think I had it in there for about 15 minutes until it turned brown around the edges. It was very good. I didn't put anything on it, just ate it hot out of the oven and loved it. I think it would be great for a pot pie.

susies1955 08-20-2004 07:55 AM

Re: Carbquik Baking Flour

Originally posted by mahyde
Anyone try this. A replacement for Bisquick so it says.
[COLOR=darkblue]So far I'm not too impressed with Carbquik.
I made the cinnamon rolls and they didn't puff up at all and they were dry and somewhat tasteless. I'm an avid baker and this isn't much like the 'real' thing but I will keep trying different recipes and make note of what is worth making or not.
It is in a way a small treat for those of us who do not eat regular flour though.

parrotchic 08-21-2004 11:49 AM

I made the pot pie from the box (chicken instead of turkey). Oh my it was so good! It was the perfect comfort food on this cool day. I doubled the recipe and used a cauliflower & broccoli mix with a few carrots. Also a can of green beans mixed in. I added extra cream and water with some Thick/Thin not starch to really thicken it up. It was yummy, this will be a keeper. I can't wait to try these recipes with Jen's new biscuit recipe.:)

Dianna 08-25-2004 10:21 PM

I remember making the "Impossible Pies" with Bisquik. You mix up everying then pour it in a pie pan. Some how it makes it's own crust. I'm thinking quisch? would be good like this. Anyone tried something like this?


mahyde 08-26-2004 02:39 PM


Originally posted by Dianna
I remember making the "Impossible Pies" with Bisquik. You mix up everying then pour it in a pie pan. Some how it makes it's own crust. I'm thinking quisch? would be good like this. Anyone tried something like this?


Here is an answer to my email to the Chef.

yes indeed they sure do
Good luck
----- Original Message -----

Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 9:42 AM
Subject: Impossible Pie with Carbquik

Will the Impossible Pie recipes with Bisquick work the same as Carbquik.


Dianna 08-26-2004 03:26 PM

Hi Julie, Many years ago Bisquick came out with a little cookbook and in it were these "Impossible Pies." Here is one of them.

Impossible Baco Pie

12 slices bacon, crisply fried and crumbles
1 cup shredded natural Swiss cheese
1/3 cup chopped onion
2 cups milk
1 cup Bisquick
4 eggs
1/4 t. salt
1/8 t. pepper

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly grease pie plate, 10X1 1/2", sprinkle bacon, cheese and onion in the pie plate. Beat remaining ingr. until smooth, 15 seconds in blender on high speed or 1 minute with hand beater. Pour into pie plate. Bake until golden brown, and knife inserted halfway between center and edge comes out clean, 35 to 40 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes before cutting. Refriderage any remaining pie. 6 servings

I can't wait to get my box so I can make this.


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