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dee 02-27-2013 09:20 PM

Asthma and dairy products??
It seems my ongoing shortness of breath issue is "probably asthma" says my doc. I DID notice a correlation between dairy products and worsening of my breathing condition on my own. I asked her to send me for allergy testing as i i suspect I am allergic I will eliminate them regardless but I'd like testing done as well. I googled dairy and asthma and was shocked to see how much research has already been done on linking the two. My (life long) love affair with yogurt, cheese, ice cream and cream in my coffee was over as soon as I did a little reading tonite. I hope cutting it out will significantly improve my symptoms. :aprayer:

dee 03-01-2013 07:42 AM

No one has noticed this? Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? LOL

fiddlejen 03-13-2013 06:17 PM

Hey, I have asthma too, and all my life I've known that dairy was a problem.
However, on Atkins I learned that HEAVY cream is perfectly fine. And by themselves, so are most cheeses, and even plain yogurt too. (Including plain Whole yogurt.)

When not on Atkins, any milk products combined with sugar OR with fat can worsen asthma. Since HC is fine, you'd think that skim milk would be the worst but it's not. In my experience, of the milk-only products, whole milk seems to be the worst for asthma. Once other stuff is added, ice cream is the worst for asthma, followed by pizza.

The only "study" I ever read about this was a long time ago, and it was very flawed. They decided to find out whether dairy makes asthma worse, and instead of having their control group drink water, instead had them drink SOY-milk for comparison.
From this, they concluded that all the people who for years had experienced that milk was a problem, were all wrong, and that dairy products are perfectly fine for everyone with asthma.

Which is of course idiotic. The fact is, Soy causes just as much asthma as dairy. For some of us-- like me!--it causes asthma more & more quickly than dairy.

When I was diagnosed with asthma, as a teenager mom insisted that we go to a homeopathic nutritionist, who told me to avoid Dairy, Wheat, and Citrus. He should've included all Sugars on that list. Also the list should've included all Grains, and also Soy. Instead I was told to eat "soy cheese" (yuck!!!) and tofu instead.

Well as it happens, I like tofu. And, most soy products. (NOT soy cheese, though!) Well, back then for soy cheese & tofu you still had to go to a health-food store, but for some reason my local grocery-store chain carried their own line of tofu Ice Cream. I loved it, liked it better than regular ice cream. But guess what? It caused Asthma WORSE than regular ice cream too!

One time I bought one of those big containers of whey protein, to make my own shakes. Turns out, THAT is the only stuff that causes worse asthma than soy. This is probably why HEAVY cream is Just Fine for asthma--it has very little whey. It's probably also why Real, whole yogurt is fine too. (I think the yogurt-ophilus-cultures convert a lot of the whey.)

Unfortunately for asthmatics, a lot of the Low-Carb products (shakes, bars, etc) are made either with Whey or else with Soy. So a lot of them can make asthma worse.

On the other hand, a person doing a strict (older) version of Atkins will find that old-style Atkins Low Carb is a great treatment for asthma, because it automatically cuts out most of the food-contributors to asthma.

GME 03-13-2013 06:20 PM

I think there must be a similar thread, because I was sure I answered this.

Yes. Wheat too.

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