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Barbo 10-18-2010 12:09 PM

Magic Rolls???
I am reading the Low Carb Comfort Food Cookbook,
by the Eades. It contains a recipe for "Magic Rolls"

Wondering if anyone has made them? Many recipes are
off shoots of this recipe. Any hints or info would be much


DarleenMB 10-27-2010 04:17 PM

I just took a batch out of the oven.

First of all, they were nice and puffy but they fell as they cooled. They aren't quite done in the center even though they were really brown. I need to adjust my oven and the rack I guess.

They were OK but I will be adding more salt than just that "pinch" recommended. I'm going to start with 1/2 a tsp and see how that goes. They don't have much flavor but since I'm using them to hold the pulled pork I made the other day I guess it doesn't really matter.

I mixed the eggs in using my mixer and found I had to beat it on low for several minutes before it was the right consistency.

I also don't have a nonstick cookie sheet so the directions be darned I used cooking spray on a regular sheet. Worked just fine.

zudy 08-01-2011 05:38 PM

Barbo and DarleenMB..I just discovered the Magic Rolls recipe when I was researching recipes for fried chicken...so I made a batch mostly so I would have the bread crumbs for their "Southern Fried Chicken" recipe. The rolls turned out great..ditto the crumbs and the fried chicken was the best yet (and I've tried everything else..carbquik/nut flours/coconut flour/tiny amounts of "real" flour/parm cheese. I can't get to trying pork rinds. Anyway, the fried chicken look beautiful and tasted very good. I fried it in ghee. Back to the rolls: I had one out of the oven and it was very good with a little pat of butter. VERY close to the flavor of a popover. I think these could be used as a semi-dead ringer for cream puff shells. Did you ever do any experimentation w/the recipe?

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