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slim2009 04-26-2010 07:14 AM

6 Week Cure
Hi everyone!

I'm going to start this program, oh maybe tomorrow. Does anybody want to join me? Is anyone currently on this program. The people from the previous thread already finished the program and are now gone~ :cry:
I want to give it a try but I WANT COMPANY!

Ok, come on now! Lets do it!!:kicking:

slim2009 04-28-2010 12:46 AM

Hmm, I guess I'm on my own at the moment!

I started yesterday. I was feeling a little hungry, well just nervous about eating only once :lol: but did it & feel great today!

I feel really full from my meal and the shakes are def. enough to hold me especially if I put an egg in it.

I think my scale was down this morning, but I usually wait a couple of days to make sure. I have one of those crappy analog scales, which changes alot. I should have just gotten a digital one, but I was afraid of becoming a scale junky.

The good news is!! I measured my waist this morning because I was feeling a little skinny and it's down 1"!!! Yeah! Still a long way to go, but definitely encouraging!

Ok, 1 down 13 more to go! Oye!

Dovelette 04-28-2010 04:30 AM

Do you have info on the plan? I'm just curious, I like to compare what I'm doing vs. what else is out there...

slim2009 04-28-2010 05:47 AM

Dovelette- Well, there's a book that explains everything! In a nut shell, it's a 6 wk program that supposedly targets the middle area. Which is something I need!! The first 2 wk incorporate protein shakes and I really like the simplicity of that. So that's another reason why I'm doing this program. I know that many people who completed the program previously got hold of the book somehow, (library is always an option) to get the full scope. Wow, I see that you've had quite a journey. Congratz and good luck!

Dovelette 04-28-2010 05:49 AM

I live in Africa and work as a volunteer. No libraries here (or at least none with books in english lol) and it's really expensive to order and ship a book.

I am doing in a couple days Eades Protein Sparing Fast where you drink protein shakes during the day and then a meat meal with 2 cups of veggies for dinner. I think that's a plan he had in one of his older books.

slim2009 04-28-2010 05:09 PM

Dove- wow! that's so exciting! I've always wanted to go to Africa! I'm actually living in Asia teaching English right now. I love it here! How long have you been there? I bet it's absolutely gorgeous there! OMG!!! I just checked out your blog, and I am officially jealous!!! It looks so fantastic there! Like paradise! Can I come for a visit? :laugh: Well, I'm sure there are many difficulties associated w/ living in a foreign country, but worth it, right? I've actually thought about joining the peace corps, but heard that there was a waiting list. ( this might just be an urban legend)
Ok, in terms of the program, yes, that's pretty much it. 3 shakes + 1 meal, but I usually just have 2 + 1. I do feel a little hungry at night, b/c I"m a night muncher, :blush: but I just go to sleep feeling a little deprived and getting used to the feeling. :cool: Thanks for visiting! Keep me updated on your progress!

Day #3!

Feeling kind of skinny this morning. Scale is a little down, although not completely sure. My scale is 1) in kg, so only significant weight loss can be distinguished 2) cheapo-crap (fluctuates upon every try) :mad: Maybe I'll just get fed up enough to get a nice digital scale. But at the moment, there are more dire needs, and w/ the big spending that's gonna be necessary for this summer, MUST SAVE UP $$$!:stars:

But I like how the program is going so far. Of course it's still so early on. Only the 3rd day...but it's def. doable. I do need to start exercising more, but my energy level is a bit low. Perhaps still adjusting to the WOE and have got a mild cold. I've gotta remember to OD on vitamins today. I'm trying my best to stay away from the cold meds. The weather here was nice, but the past few days have been rainy, windy and cold!:annoyed: It's may already! Give me the warm weather already! sheesh!

Well, here's to a new day! Yahoo!:cool:

Dovelette 04-29-2010 02:52 AM

I love Peace Corps and I LOVE Cape Verde so much. Yes, it does take quite a while to get in. It used to be about a 6 month process for a single person, because you have to apply, have an interview, get medically/dentally/legally cleared and then they give you your assignment. Now it can be double that. As a couple, we waited nearly 20 months from handing in our application to arriving in Cape Verde. It was completely worth it though.

And we're part of "Couch Surfing" so YES, ANYONE can come for a visit lol

Okay I read about the "PRotein Sparing Modified Fast" on someones blog and did it before and REALLY liked it. Basically it reminds me of a weight loss surgery "tool" that we use called the 5 Day Pouch Test. After you've been out of surgery for a while, your stomach stretches and you can accomodate more food (I ate 9.5oz of chicken last night! Granted I was OVER full afterwards, but I still had "room" for it. My pouch can stretch probably to 8oz comfortably and is probably currently 6oz without stretching). So it becomes easier to feel hunger, plus because your stomach is now a "funnel" nothing "sticks" with you for long, it just slides out. So...this 5DPT puts you on only liquids for 2 days, then soft protein, then medium soft protein, then hard protein to help you "relearn" what fullness feels like.

I then found the PSMF which said that you basically figure out how much protein you should eat in a day (I myself like to eat betwen 100 and 120g because that's how I feel best) and then subtract 6-8oz of protein for dinner, which is about 30-40g of protein, and then drink in shakes the rest of the protein that you want. My shakes are about 25g of protein each, so I could have between 2 and 3 during the day. They are only 3g - 4g of carbs and 120 calories.

I don't know how similar this is to the whole 6 Week Cure, this is from his older book "Thin So Fast." I found it on line and gave it a shot and it was great!

slim2009 04-29-2010 07:37 AM

Dove- Oh that's great! You're part of the 'couch surfers'! I've never done it really b/c I usually find a friend who has a friend in any country I've visited so far :laugh: But I don't think I know anyone who knows anyone in Cape Verde, so you're on! haha!

Yes, the amount of protein required is a bit confusing still, but I'll just have to go by trial & error. It's kind of funny what you said about the whole 'pouch' business. The fact that you know exactly how big your stomach is is quite amazing! :hyst: Does it feel weird at all? I'm a totally needle phobe and I still cry like a baby whenever I have to get a shot. :cry:
I think I'll try to add up the #s on my protein at some point as well. I'm lazy and hate tracking. But would be very informative to do it at least once. :cool:
I actually skipped my last shake today, b/c I just wasn't hungry. Had a big lunch! We'll see whether I see a difference on the scale tomorrow.
Ooh! I'm gonna try to go for a run tomorrow morning! I really need to start something, cuz I've been sedentary!:down:

Well, I'm very glad that I have company, so please stick around! Lets keep each other's transplanted butts in check! (u know, both of us transplanted in a foreign country & all...)


slim2009 04-29-2010 06:40 PM

Day 4!

Bad news first: Ok, I had big plans to go running first thing in the morning, BUT! I had a cup of coffee last night after not drinking coffee for a long time and I couldn't sleep a wink! My mind was racing a mil. mi/min. & just could not fall asleep!! So needless to say, I woke up late and didn't have the energy.... arghh! The sucky thing is, I was actually feeling really good yesterday, like I have my energy back.
I don't know. If I happen to sum up enough energy, I might go for an afternoon run. ARGGG!

And the GOOD NEWS! I'm down to 63kg, which means I've moved onto the 130s!!!! Eeehawwwww! So something is working at least!! And my tummy feels pretty flat!

Here's to another great day!!

Oh, tomorrow is going to be tough. I have a lunch thing and there will NOT be any LC options! :mad: So to get around it, I might just have to pack my own lunch, which means I have to deal w/ "Oh, what are you eating? why are you eating that way? Are you on a diet? You should really eat some carb, it's not healthy for you..." BS!!!! which I REALLY DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH!!! I hate it when people get so nosy! Ok, well just gotta stay firm and strong, because ultimately I need to put myself first and not worry about what others think or say. Because in the end, they are not going to do a damn thing to help me lose this weight and I will not let others' prejudice distract me from my goal!

slim2009 04-29-2010 10:57 PM

Since I skipped the last shake last night, I'm definitely more hungry today. So I incorporated some treats! I tried some chocolate protein shake pudding concoction w/ HWC which was very good. (1-2 tbsp HWC w/ 1/2 of protein powder) YUMMO! It was decadent and delicious. But I was still not fully satiated, so I made a different version w/ 1tbsp of coconut oil instead of the HWC, and OMG! I was in heaven!!! It tasted just like almond joy, except that it was not sickeningly sweet like the real thing! Very happy! This is something I'll definitely enjoy again in the future. On a side note, I have been pretty heavy on fat consumption. like I'd take a spoonful of coconut oil and just suck on it while drinking my shake instead of putting it in the shake. Because I don't use ice, IT IS STILL TOO FREAKING COLD! the oil separates from the rest of the shake and floats to the top, which I don't like. So yes, I've been heavy on the F.A.T.!!! I guess I have to watch the calories a bit, but it does keep me satiated longer. We'll see. I'm anxious to see what the scale says tomorrow morning. I'm guessing/hoping that it'll at least stay the same as today. I am a little worried that the weight loss I saw was water loss from drinking that coffee last night. Hmmm, we'll just have to see...

I guess it's interesting that this thread has pretty become my own little journal! I kind of like it, because it's less pressure than having a journal, but I still get to vent! Hahaha!!!

Yea, well, still haven't gone for that run but maybe I'll leave for work a little early and walk around a bit. I do need to include an intense workout here & there because I really like the feeling of breaking a good sweat. And I"m one of those people who never sweat. It could be like 100 deg. and I'd be like 'oh, I guess it's a little warm...' Cold blooded I suppose. But I heard that that's not good, b/c it's a sign of poor circulation.

Ok, why is this posting getting so long?!!! Must stop for now, only to return. WHHOOOAAAAAAA!! (<- how do you spell evil laugh??)

Dovelette 04-30-2010 05:28 AM

lol after 6 years, my "pouch" rarely feels weird any more. Sometimes I can feel the food in it, or if I eat too much food then I have to like...lift my skin and tummy fat off of my pouch when I lay down so it can expand more LOL.

I know it has to be between 4 and 6oz because when I eat yogurt quickly, it's a 4oz container and that makes me full. It is pretty neat. Not so fun when you then try adn stuff 9.5 oz into it though...I didn't realize of course before I ate it that it was 9.5 oz though lol. Stupid.

So today was already a big fat fail. I got home and a friend came with me so I had her try my flax bread, and then of course I had to have a piece. No biggie, 2g of carbs and tons of fiber...but then my boss, the Country Director of the Peace Corps here took us to "real" breakfast which was catchupa - the national dish of cape verde which is like...dried corn (hominy) and beans boiled with a bunch of veggies. Carb tastic. I had a small plate and then the egg and sausage that always comes with it...maybe had 1/2 a cup of it, but definitly doesn't qualify as a "fast" lol. Oh well, I can't help certain things living in Africa so I just move on to the next meal! Shake for lunch!!

slim2009 04-30-2010 07:24 AM

OMG! How annoying!!! I just wrote like a whole page that got deleted by pressing the wrong button. Oh well...

Dove- sorry you had to deal w/ that. Yes the cultural thing is difficult and that's why I'm worried about the lunch tomorrow. Just must hold firm and be strong!

The game plan is: feed myself well, (largish portion) before the meeting! as to cancel out the temptation. And pack something. I haven't quite figured out what, but maybe a shake, maybe my fake almond joy treat! some HB eggs... hmm... some meat.

You want to know something really crappy about me? (This just popped into my head) I AM BAD AT RESISTING FREE FOOD! So if someone is buying, I feel compelled to eat more! Now I think that is simply one of the most ridiculous things ever! I hate it! And tomorrow maybe one of those situations... and it's going to be at a really great restaurant... AAAHHHHHHHHH! Ok, gotta calm down............ shhhhhhh....

slim2009 05-01-2010 03:39 PM

Day 6!

Ok, the low down on yesterday's events: I was NOT very good, but I COULD HAVE been WORSE. So pretty much, I tried to stay LC w/ my choices, but wasn't very strict about sauces and ate way too much!!! Could have easily gone on a self-destructive mode and just eaten anything& everything 'oh it's ruined, so why not just go full force...' BUT DIDN'T!! So I'm proud of myself for that.

Today is Day 6 and I'm up 1 lb from yesterday, but I was down another lb yesterday that I didn't record, so am at the same stat! hehe... Ok, obviously I'm gonna try to be good today, although might be invited to a dinner tonight...... arghhhh... Weekends are hard! But it may just be a meaty dinner, so it'll be ok. I think I'll save my meal for dinner. I mean, I'll have to, duh. So just shakes through out the day, which is fine b/c I still feel full! and hopefully a controlled dinner.

And might try to go for that run but still making lame excuses for myself such as: I haven't received that new mp3 player I ordered, so no music for the run. (my ipod died! :( )

slim2009 05-02-2010 07:36 AM

Ok, tonight was a total mess! I went way off plan and ate everything w/o discrimination, in large, excessive quantities. Oh well, what is done is done. Will be back on plan tomorrow. Must stay off the scale for a few days. Yikes.

lil miss 05-16-2010 11:16 AM

How are you doing?

I am starting this plan tomorrow! Would love to hear more from you! I am in the states and am going to use heavy cream instead of double cream.

Also, I was informed while looking for leucine that it is already in quality protein shakes and low and behold it is in mine :)

I am nervous! AND excited! :)

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