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Mishka68 05-15-2012 05:57 PM

How many fat grams per day?
What's your average fat gram intake a day?

My trainer keeps telling me I have to keep it below the 60ish range, but it's hard to do while maintaining the 20-30 carbs a day range.

Also, she wants my protein up to 100, but I seem to be averaging 60-70 -- what are the best sources of low carb protein? She says tofu, but the thought of tofu makes me gag. :stars:

nfowife 05-15-2012 07:33 PM

Seems to me your trainer is pushing you towards a high protein diet. That's a different approach than a high fat diet, though both can be low in carbs. The difference as I understand is that excess protein can be converted to sugar in the body while fat is not.
If you are following a low carb high fat diet your exact numbers for fat and protein will vary according to your caloric intake. I aim for a minimum of 60% of my calories from fat each day, and average in the high
20's of protein and 10% carbs as well. I limit my calories to around 1500 per day as well. I log on my food at myfitnesspal and can see what my ratios are on a pie chart as I log so I can manage it easily.

Arctic_Mama 05-15-2012 08:05 PM

I do a good 100-120 grams in fat and 70-90 in protein. I find that quantity keeps me satisfied without ridiculous amounts of protein that could affect glucogenesis.

I agre your trainer seems to be going in a high protein direction. I'd research it and see what you think, but I personally have tried high carb, high protein AND high fat diets at one time or another in this journey and felt and operated the best on high fat, moderate protein, low carb. That's me, your mileage may vary depending on your body and activity :)

Dezi 05-15-2012 08:34 PM

I eat 100 grams without even trying Im about 150 fat or more 100 protein 50 carbs.(tops but Ive been out of ketosis from 50)

But I guess I am eating 2000 calories a day (and still losing wow)

Porkrinds have actually 5g or protein per serving and 4.5 fat.

I guess a way to get more protein is to eat food that arent fat only (like butter) but also foods that are fat and protein (like sour cream)

juliekaboolie 05-15-2012 08:34 PM

Sounds higher protein to me. I am finding a high fat/moderate protein/low carb diet to be the most satisfying and although my weight loss has been slow (due to a previously undiagnosed thyroid condition), I'm finding that I am able to lose weight this way and be the most satisfied. Maybe look more into what works for you personally??

mamabear6 05-16-2012 03:39 AM

boneless skinless chicken has been the easiest way for me to up my lean protein. Coming in next is ground turkey.
It's hard to lower fat and up protein at the same time, but It can be done and works for some people. (and I don't mean going low-fat, just lowering it some)
High fat works for a lot of people. Some days I need more lean protein. I lose when I have more protein and it doesn't cause cravings, but this is not the case for many people.

ETA: I forgot! I buy Mahi Mahi too, as well as salmon. But the Mahi Mahi I buy, for 4oz measured raw, has 100 cals and 21g protein with 1g fat. I cook it in coconut oil and it's delicious.

Leo41 05-16-2012 04:03 AM

First of all, I would not take nutrition advice from a personal trainer--even if that individual has a degree in nutrition because most follow the textbooks which are all about low fat.

That said, I eat low carb and fairly low fat, and that seems to agree with my body. I'm 70, and I've read that older females often don't tolerate high fat well, and I find that's true for me. But I'm sure that's a YMMV situation.

My favorite low fat protein is shrimp and then ground turkey--with which I make burgers. I also use egg whites (rather than whole eggs) mainly because the yolks are inflammatory, and I control my severe arthritis with diet and exercise. The egg whites are high protein and low fat.

For red meat, I eat grass-fed bison, which is leaner than beef, although I tend to eat more fish than meat.

All white fish fillets--cod, flounder, tilapia--are good low fat protein sources. Even salmon, which is a 'fatty' fish is not high fat at all.

Mishka68 05-16-2012 11:30 AM

Thanks for all this fabulous input!!

synger 05-16-2012 12:39 PM

My favorite lower-fat protein option is cottage cheese. Also whey protein powder.

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