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mykneesareback 08-14-2013 07:41 PM

THURSDAY'S Roll Call, Aug. 15
Actually ran out of hangers today, thought I had over a hundred because of the move, but somehow, they disappeared? :hyst: dh always joked that the hangers have babies overnight.

Thursday and half of August is almost gone, amazingly.........

Sending hugs to those in need :console: feel there are more out there that could use some.

Kids are coming tomorrow evening, so gotta put my food thinking cap on, I'm not used to that kind of thing at all anymore! Have thousands of recipes, but none of them seem "right", am I the only one with that thought? ;)

Begete 08-14-2013 10:21 PM

I get tired of cooking, too, Doris...same old....etc.

Planted fall crop of lettuces today and it is now raining! Only our second rain since early June.

Tomorrow will be a late night as we have to fetch Gabe from the airport.

Have a good one everybody.

I forgot .....Linda's comment about it being PITA to pack for a motor home trip....seems it often takes longer to get ready than the actual trip!

mykneesareback 08-15-2013 08:08 AM

You are right, Begete, getting ready for a trip is more like foreplay ;) to the actual event, by the time we get there, we are almost too tired to enjoy it! :D

Have a good day, we are off to Costco, to get what we forgot on Tuesday. But the ice chest is ready, and it's actually cooler outside this AM, feels almost "normal".

Norfolk Mermaid 08-15-2013 08:45 AM

Good Morning to all.
It is delightfully cool out but overcast. Seems odd to be overcast AND low humidity- not questioning... just enjoying.
Must start the laundry as it is approching 8 on the old 1 to 10 scale. Too tired by niht time to do it these days so will work some in on breaks from the yard.
Bev- my wonderful hair washer threaded a needle for me to move some buttons around on a beautiful and super fitting white blouse but will most likely miss "Quinton's" services Saturday so that is no longer a rush. I didn't know that "Q" was a deacon- the youngest one ever at the church. A good pastor is the heart of a church but the Deacon's are the soul. IMHO!
Tummy is quivering as per usual so will try a couple of those puffy peppermints. I also bought some ginger ale for that but am hording it for dire straights. The real last resort though is the Rx nausea meds my Internist orders for me but they do last a very, very long time.
It is back out there for meself.

35down 08-15-2013 09:40 AM

Good Morning Everyone! :hiya: Sunny, hot day here in Eastern Washington.

Mykneesareback-we have just recently become Costco members again after many years. Got my new hearing aids there. Husband and I intend to take a 'field trip" there soon to do a bit of stocking up. Did have to have Costco remake one of my hearing aids as it caused a bit of pain when I put it in so am missing what people are saying again at least for the next few days.

Norfolk Mermaid-Sorry you are not feeling well. You are an inspiration though cuz you just keep going!

Begete-good timing on planting your lettuce to get the rain! Our backyard neighbors raise huge gardens each year. They are from the Ukraine(sp) and brought their tomato seeds with them. The tomatoes are huge and the sweet neighbors share.

We are looking forward to the weekend. Our son/daughter-in-law/little grandsons recently moved two hours away but are coming back this weekend to get the rest of their things from our garage. So the little grandsons will be staying overnight with us. I have babysat them for the last three years while daughter-in-law worked so I am missing them dreadfully.

Best go get busy here. hope everyone has a really good day. Will check back in later.


Mssarge 08-15-2013 10:28 AM

Good morning all...temps climbing back up near 100 today. We've had a less hot summer (I can't say cool as it's always right at 90 degrees) but it may go on record as one of the coolest SoCal has had which is okay by me. Of course, September and October can still get hot here, so I'm keeping fingers, toes, and any other appendages crossed.

Nuttin' planned, so nuttin' on tap for me...I've got to get up to the USO to see if I can volunteer.,,gotta see about doing sumpin' with the rest of my life. Darn inertia!

Babette, so today's the day you start marinating the chicken...was goint to "wing it" but my yogurt has died on me, so will have to wait 'til I get more.

Joni- be careful, be very careful in the wilds of Costco...last week I went for coffee and things kept jumping into the cart...I couldn't fight them off and spent way too much money. I've spent the last couple of days packaging things up into small units so I don't have to fumble with large packaging. I've still got a couple of things to pack up but can't figure out what I'm going to do with a large bag of nectarines.

Lainey, enjoy your coolth, I know you'll stay busy but try not to overdo it. How's the alkylysing going?

Doris, I, too, always assumed hangers bred in the closets when the lights went out...actually they use all the missing staples in the breeding process somehow but I ran out recently and had to buy some maybe it's because I went to plastic ones.

Hope all y'all have a great day and good things come your way.

LoveMontana 08-15-2013 04:59 PM

Thanks for the Start off , Doris.
Psst, shoot me an e mail so I can have your new email addy. Sent you something and it came back.:annoyed:

Babette, enjoy Gabe's visit. He seems to be on the mend. Thank Goodness.

Yeah, it is a PITA to get the motor home ready for a trip.:stars:

Lainey, Isn't this weather just wonderful! Cool with low humidity is fantastic, but it will get hot and humid again next week.

Joni, enjoy the overnight with your grandsons. How old are they?

Hi ya Mary, oh yes things we don't need seem to jump into the carts quite often. Thankfully ( or not ) we don't have a Costco, only a Sam's.

Tomorrow it's off to the eye doctor to pick up some new glasses. Don't know if I'll like them or not, but at least I don't wear them constantly.

Norfolk Mermaid 08-15-2013 06:50 PM

Calling it a night. I am tired or my metabolism is off.
Trying to eat up all the acid foods so I can better portion my foods with a larger # of alkaline foods. I vaguely remembered a Diabetes University Course I took several years ago where the Medical School Nutrition Professor handed out list of acid and alkaline foods. I dug out the folders and there were several printouts and booklets advising this way of eating as part of the treatment for Diabetes and Diabetes Type 2. This was a Educational program and NOBODY was getting any monies other than their salaries!!!! I compaired the Magazine artical with the Eastern Virginia Medical School advice and they were the same except the Magazine was colorful with beautiful pictures with reciepes (24 page pull out cook book where the ratios of acid & akaline are done for you and a shopping list for each reciepe) . I cannot wait to try some of the things as they look so good.
I am off to bed as I did not feel so good for most of the day today and want to start over tomorrow after a nights sleep.
Sweet dreams to all.

SuSUN 08-15-2013 06:55 PM

Hi All, just getting here life has been busy in a nice way.

We drove about an hour from here to see a Play yesterday and I got back home around 7pm. Today my car went in for a ck up all clear. DGF came with me so we went for lunch while the car was left. I just had two cups of coffee. It was Italian and everything was so loaded. She had her lunch and a glass of wine. We walked around a few shops to pass the time. DD and DGD came over for supper tonight so that is always fun they have just left. I now plan to settle down to watch some tv.

Waving at Everyone Hope to BBT...

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