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Jooser 09-21-2012 04:25 AM

Too much protein and stalls?
Please forgive me, I tried the search function but nearly all of our posts mention protein...

I was plugging right along, then came the post on egg creams. Last week to 10 days, I've been making my version of one every morning. I'm not a huge fan of breakfast, but it's important for me to eat it. So, egg creams are a great breakfast item for me.

Mine have consisted of 1 c almond milk, 1 Tbls HWC, 1/4 t cinnamon, 1-2 egg yolks only, 4 frozen blackberries and a scoop of protein powder.

I've never been one to track grams of fat or protein, I track carbs and look at percentages. My percentages are usually 70s-20s-<10s. Calories are between 1600-2000 (which has always worked for me, too low and I stall)

My question is this, this week, despite being in major ketosis...sticks, breath, energy, etc.....I have not lost any weight. I'm incredibly thirsty, like never before (I'm not a huge drinker, never have been) and my kidneys ache. Finally, it registered that I ought to look at my protein, the powder that I'm putting in my shake is 23grams, so basically thats the extra that I'm getting every day.

Would this be enough to stall me? Nothing else has changed in my diet, except that I have been faithful with my CLA, GLA and fish oil the last several weeks. I've always had the a glass of almond milk during a day, the cream and the eggs. 4 frozen blackberries are not the norm, but I'm staying less than 23 grams of carbs day. No cheats.....after looking at my ****** for the last year or more, I usually consume between 80-130 grams of protein.

Jooser 09-21-2012 04:28 AM

Wanted to add, that I'm drinking about 1/2 gallon plus my 2-3 cups of coffee/day. So I am drinking more due to my thirst. I'm not diabetic, recently had blood work done, etc...

reddarin 09-21-2012 04:37 AM

Kidneys aching can't be good. Did that also just start in the last 10 days?

How long have you been stalled?

Mobear 09-21-2012 04:52 AM

Have you ever heard the old Paul Simon song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover". Well, let me tell you there are more than 50 ways to calculate protein :hyst:. The method I am using is in this thread: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/ot...imal-diet.html Check Post #11 where CarolynF explains how to make the calculations. My protein using this method is a range of 51- 63g a day. Using Protein Power, my protein was 66g. Anyway, right now I'm doing 50g from the Optimal Diet.

Having said all of that, I used my fitness tracker and without the protein powder or blackberries I came up with Calories 347; Carbs 2; Fat 35; Pro 7g. Add to that the 23g from your protein powder for a total of 30g and it may be too much for you. I would start by eliminating the protein powder and see if you feel better - the thirst decreases and the kidneys stop aching.

IMO the additional 23g of protein could cause a stall. YMMV of course.

However, reddarin makes a good point that aching kidneys could be signalling a bladder or kidney infection so a doctor's visit might be in order.

Good luck and I hope you can figure this out :)

avid 09-21-2012 05:42 AM

You say your drinking a haf gallon but you didn't say of what.
Caffeine is a diuretic so there can be a net loss of fluid from your three cups of coffee.
If your half gallon of fluid is something like ice tea for example,
then that is more caffeine and more fluid loss.
In general I am a firm believer in listening to ones body.
If my kidneys ached due to a change in my WOE I would back off till the symptoms
ease up. If they didn't after a few days I would see my doctor.
Good luck to you. I wish you health

reddarin 09-21-2012 06:24 AM

Mobear is right. The OD formula has me at a minimum of 75. The USRDA (and UK I think) are much lower with the top end about 20g lower than the minimum using the OD method.

Here is an alternative method from an exercise page:

How to Calculate Your Protein Needs

How to Calculate Your Protein Needs:

1. Weight in pounds divided by 2.2 = weight in kg
2. Weight in kg x 0.8-1.8 gm/kg = protein gm.

Use a lower number if you are in good health and are sedentary (i.e., 0.8). Use a higher number (between 1 and 1.8) if you are under stress, are pregnant, are recovering from an illness, or if you are involved in consistent and intense weight or endurance training.

Example: 154 lb male who is a regular exerciser and lifts weights
154 lbs/2.2 = 70kg
70kg x 1.5 = 105 gm protein/day
...it is very close to the OD formula results but the OD has a range and recommends other macro values based off of the protein intake.

At the Nutritional Ketosis thread:


...here is another way of calculating daily protein:


Multiply your goal weight times your desired body fat percentage. This will give you your desired Lean Body Mass (LBM).

Multiply your LBM by 0.6. This will give you the low end of daily protein consumption. Your LBM in grams is the high end of your consumption.

For example, if I desire to weigh 150 lbs with 18% body fat, my target LBM is 150 * (1-.18) = 123 lbs. This means I should consume between 73.8g of protein (123 * 0.6) and 123g of protein per day.

This post has additional information on the above topic: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lo...l#post15830358

cfine 09-21-2012 07:08 AM

I drink some type of shake every morning and I don't use a protein powder. They are yummy without it. I only use 1 egg because I try to keep my protein low and fat high in the mornings. I like to be able to eat my protein at lunch and dinner.

My favorite:
1 egg
3/4cup almond milk(unsweetened)
1/4cup HWC
a good splash of Davini's SF chocolate syrup
handful of ice

Jooser 09-21-2012 05:30 PM

Thanks everyone! Awesome advice.

Yes, kidneys recently started to ache with the addition of the powder. I have noticed this before when I am very strict with this WOE, keeping carbs very low....I think with the increase in protein, I am increasing my GFR and kidneys are working over time.

To answer someones questions, I've been drinking Crystal Light or water. Caffeine is limited to the 2-3 cups of coffee/day....and that's a decrease for me (I've cut way back, lol)

This morning I left out the protein powder and I can honestly say that I feel better this evening and am still in ketosis. UTI/bladder/kidney infection all good suggestions but I know that's not it. (I can dip stick at work, I'm an RN)

I will def follow the advice and I'm going to cut out the powder (and did this morning) and see what happens. I am up to 60grams of Protein today....so I will work the formula and see where I need to be, thanks for the formulas and links, much appreciated!

Oh, and to answer the other question....I've been stalled about 2 weeks, yeah, I know not "technically" a stall....but for me I lose really easy when I'm eating clean...I slow way down when I "cheat" on SF candies, bars, etc....but it's a trade-off. Sometimes I allow those things however for the first time in along time I've been pretty clean. Prior to the shakes, I lost 4-5lbs in about 10 days because I started eating clean again.

Thanks again!

Jooser 09-22-2012 06:42 AM

Had to give a quick update. I took the advice and yesterday my protein was around 60grams. The only difference was that I cut out the scoop of powder out of my shake.

This moring, after no scale movement in almost 2 weeks....I am down 1.3 lbs!!! Thanks!

theLossgirl 09-22-2012 06:48 AM


Originally Posted by Jooser (Post 15962451)
Had to give a quick update. I took the advice and yesterday my protein was around 60grams. The only difference was that I cut out the scoop of powder out of my shake.

This moring, after no scale movement in almost 2 weeks....I am down 1.3 lbs!!! Thanks!

That's great! :jumpjoy:

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