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PaulaMM 02-12-2012 10:08 AM

I'm thinking of doing JUDDD
Hi, my name is Paula and I have been a long time low carb failure. :dunno:. Years ago, I lost 40lbs on low carb without dropping a pant size, stalling out, becoming frustrated and gave up. (How in the world can you go from 200lbs to 160lbs and NOT lose a size? My jeans bagged in the butt and legs but the next size down was too tight for my belly!:mad:)

Over the years, I have tried, re-tried (and re-re-re ad infinitum) tried low carb with the same result: I lose 10lbs fairly quickly and then stick at the same weight for weeks or even months.

This New Year Day, I once again started low carb and as of this morning, I have not lost an ounce since the initial 9lb loss. For a month and a half, I have abstained from the doughnuts, cookies, pizza, pasta and other delectables my family and friends indulged in to no avail. I don't mind denying myself those things as long as I am seeing results, but to do exactly as I should without results is a painful kick in the guts. In fact, I have named my morning weigh in ritual the 'Daily Disappointment'.

My response to today's Daily Disappointment was a nose dive into high carb hell. I've eaten everything I have denied myself - even though I hadn't really missed it all this time - and tucked a $10 bill into my son's hand with the instruction to bring home a dozen glazed doughnuts after work. If my husband hadn't taken the ones we already had to work with him, I have no doubts that I would have devoured each and every one in the box.

So, here I sit. Disgusted. Sick at heart, sick to my stomach and eagerly awaiting the moment when I can inflict yet more damage to my body and pysche.

I'm at a loss because I'm not at a loss. I'm spinning my wheels as fast as I can go but going no where. I'm <insert pathetic self pitying cliche of choice here>, with the one small hope that maybe, just maybe JUDDD will be my saving grace.

Has anyone else been in my boat and was JUDDD the lifesaver?

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I feel a bit better (and a bit chagrinned:o) for putting myself out there for all to see.

Luna Loca 02-12-2012 10:14 AM

While I wasn't in your exact position, I can so relate!! I know others will chime in here too but my response would be why not try it? What have you got to lose but the weight?

For me, I was scared of the down days, thought I'd be too hungry, weak, that I couldn't possibly exist for 24 hours on that measly amount of calories. So I tried it for one day. And I did fine! So then it was an up day and that's easy. Two weeks later, I have lost seven pounds where I was stalled for 2-3 months with carefully controlled eating and long, intense workouts.

You don't deserve to feel so down and to feel the way you feel about yourself. :hugs:

PaulaMM 02-12-2012 10:43 AM

Thank you, Luna.

I thought my initial post was flippant and tongue in cheek until I read your post and started to cry. I'm more upset about this than I let myself believe.

I'm glad to see that you were afraid of the DDs because that is where I am. I always hated to hear someone say "Oh, sometimes I just forget to eat!"


I might forget to put on my deoderant until I am halfway to where I want to be :sick:, set my alarm, or pick up milk at the grocery, but I can assure you; I never forget to eat! My hands shake, I get a headache and become somewhat evil.

I'm thinking that if I do DDs on the days I don't work, maybe I can read, clean house or nap during the worst of the hunger grouchies. As a tax time receptionist, I don't think it would be a good idea to do it on work days. I would hate to answer the question of "Where is my refund?" with an "I don't give a %$&#". :D

Thank you for the hug. I needed it. :hugs:

PaulaMM 02-12-2012 10:45 AM

Oh, and so you don't think I am completely gross or anything, I keep a stick of deoderant in my purse for those days when I am running on stupid.

sunday 02-12-2012 10:52 AM

I cheering for you! :clap:
I am on day 24 and down 8. I am one who finds the down days a bit easier than the UD, but I still enjoy this WOE and hope I will see the same success our friends are having! :aprayer:

KeirasMom 02-12-2012 10:54 AM

:welcome: Paula!

I hope JUDDD can be your saving grace. It is absolutely mine. As long as you respect your UD and DD calories, it should help shake things up and get them moving for you!

sophiethecat 02-12-2012 11:13 AM

Hi Paula! :shake: :welcome: to JUDDD!

I think you are going to love JUDDD and do well with it. Just do lots of reading here on the forum and learn all you can. Ask questions. Also be forgiving of yourself. Mistakes will be made, even by seasoned JUDDDsters, but all you have to do is jump back on the correct rotation and keep going. :)

Some of the keys to WLM success are:
-respecting your UD #s
-having a wide calorie-swing between UD/DD (in other words, don't let DDs turn into UDs if you can at all help it, and make sure UDs are close to your calorie limit)
-keeping the UD/DD rotation going as much as possible, though at times you will need to variate due to things that come up in life
-PLAN each day ahead of time whether UD or DD
-TRACK calories and portions in a program such as ****** or *** or something.

(When you get to maintenance, you may be able to play looser with these things and have a lot more freedom. So that is something to look forward to if anything starts to get wearisome in the meantime such as calorie-counting.)

There's a reason we say JUDDD is freeing. There are no special diet foods to buy. No food lists of what not to eat or what you have to eat. JUDDD is only about calorie-cycling and it doesn't matter where those calories come from. You get to decide that.

You will be able to have "doughnuts, cookies, pizza, pasta and other delectables" on JUDDD as long as you figure their calories into your daily allottment. Those are very calorie-dense foods, so you may only want to have one of them per UD though. Or small portions of a couple of them on UD. Save room for the whole foods too. :) Plan ahead and measure out a portion of the treat and enjoy it. And remember you don't have to eat a whole bag or box of goodies at once - you can have more the very next UD. :)

If you find yourself eating more "junk" or sweets than you should on UDs, then incorporate more protein/fatty foods like on LC, and that will help dampen the high carb appetite stimulation. Also remember that going "hog wild" on carbs at first happened to a number of us when we first started JUDDD, but after a while we tend to settle down and eat the way that feels best for our bodies the majority of the time.

DDs sound intimidating at first, but allow yourself a higher number of calories at first if you need it and work your way down. Do you get fuller on protein foods? We have some great ideas here for that - to get the most bang for your calorie buck on DDs - check out the DD recipe threads, the DD staples, the "cabbage, chicken, Laughing Cow" thread...

You will get used to DDs. Hard to believe, but as you go along on JUDDD doing the best you can on DDs, after a time a sort of natural appetite suppression will kick in and you will feel a difference. Until then, go easy on yourself. JUDDD is very forgiving and even with less than perfect DDs, as you get used to the new woe, as your mind starts to understand that no food is off limits and you can have more on your next UD, things will start to change and become easier and easier.

:welcome: again!

mykidsteacher 02-12-2012 12:58 PM

Welcome! I can't even begin to say it better than Sophie just did, so I won't even try.

Just want to encourage you to give it a go, and see how it works for you.

PaulaMM 02-12-2012 01:58 PM

Thank you, everyone.

I was going to write off today as a bad day and do an UD tomorrow so that I wouldn't be hungry on a work day since I work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. My theory was that I could do M, W, F and Sun UDs and make Tues, Thurs and Sat, DDs. However, after reading your suggestions and other JUDDD posts, I see that it would be best not to have 2 UDs in a row, just to keep it on certain days, when first beginning JUDDD.

So, now I'm thinking that I am going to call today and overly exuberant UD and get right into it tomorrow. I think if I drink my coffee with cream on the way to work and then eat a package of Homestyles LC chili (250 calories) for a late lunch, I will be able to make it through work without biting anyones head off and still have 150 for supper. That seems doable.

Wish me luck. I'm actually kind of excited about this!:jumpjoy:

Luna Loca 02-12-2012 02:07 PM


Glad you're going to give it a try.

A lot of people, myself included, actually look forward to DDs in a way. They're very simple and structured. You know pretty much what you're eating. You might actually find that DDs at work may be easy because your mind is otherwise occupied; you know you'll be eating something later, but for now, there's work to be done.

And if the hunger is absolutely driving you mad, add another 100 calories to your day and have something. It's not a failure if you have a 600 calorie DD, or a 700 calorie DD.

You can do this!

KathyL 02-12-2012 02:55 PM

I say give it a go!

I'm fairly new here and only have a few pounds to lose (gained over Christmas & Jan. while we had house guests) but I love the idea of this plan and think it will really be good for maintenance. The first week I tried it I went way, way overboard on UDs (and ended up gaining!). Second week went much better, lost what I gained plus some.

It is so freeing knowing that I don't have to eat that whole box of donuts because I never know when I'm going to blow my diet and let myself eat them again. If I want a donut on every UD then I can have it. And UDs come every other day. And now that it has really sunk in I don't want a donut on every UD! LOL (Donuts really are a weakness for me!!!!!)

b_lou_who 02-12-2012 03:10 PM

DD on work days are super easy for me, I'm certain you will find it easier than you think! There's nothing about juddding that can hurt you, so no worries mate. (:

MintQ8 02-12-2012 03:25 PM

I too hope it will free you of how you are feeling!

I really understand your issue with Low Carb. I was incredibly successful the first time I did it (at 13! and then again about 12 years ago). However, I let it slide and I gained. I then tried re-starting it lots of times - sometimes losing 20lbs - but never more (though if I'm honest, it's because I allowed things to slip due to frustration of not losing more) - I've been successful with Paul McKenna's 'I Can Make You Thin' - but then I stopped paying attention to my body. I always thought 'oh well, I suppose I'll have to go back to Low Carb' - but then I would get sad, because I like eating carbs - and DH cooks with them all the time and used to get quite annoyed at my eating habits.

Anyway, I read about JUDDD over a year ago - and I'll be honest, I laughed - out loud - for various reasons, the main two being 1) I 'know' calorie counting doesn't work - I've tried it and all I got was grouchy!! and 2) If I was such a grouch on 1200-1500 cals a day - there was no way I could ever survive on 500 cals or less for a day - I'm a big girl, I need more than that just to get out of bed - blah, blah, blah

Anyway, last October, as I was creeping back up to my heaviest weight ever (too many leaving parties!) my Mum, Kissa - started JUDDDing after years of Low Carb. Kissa was practically at maintenance - but still she dropped weight. Her doing it made me review it - I questioned the 500 cals - she said 'no problem', and even managed heavy aerobic exercise on DDs.

So, on the 22nd of November last year I took the plunge. And you know, it isn't difficult!!!!! I love both UD and DD for different reasons. I hope that you find that the DD don't cause you too many problems - I thought they would - and yes, sometimes I'm hungry - really hungry!!! But you know what - a drink will calm those hunger pangs for a while - and then another if I need it (I'm not talking alcoholic here :p). I'm not going to die from feeling a little hungry - and the rewards on the UD far outweigh the occasional discomfort on a DD.

My biggest recommendation to you - is to have some great DD staples that you can go to easily. If you know that you can bring your DD dinner in at less than 150 cals - you know you can eat 350 throughout the rest of the day - you may not use all those calories - you might. You may even need another 100-150 cals. You should still be in WLM - and sometimes it happens that you need more cals - or you get invited out on a DD. That too is possible, with planning!!!

Good luck - you can do it!

gotsomeold 02-12-2012 03:30 PM

The last time I lc'd, it was seven pounds in the first two weeks followed by almost two months stalled. On JUDDD I am down 11 pounds and losing a slow but steady pound or two each week.

Of course I was terrified of DDs! And I had to start at 700 calories and gradually reduce cals as I learned what my body needs to be comfortable AND release weight. I just ate dinner, my calorie total for today is 445 and I am done, full, and happy. I truly feel deciding to JUDDD was one of the smartest things I have ever done.

(And, I am ** that ** close to dropping a pant size)

Welcome! Read the discussions! Study the DD recipes! This is such a sustainable WOE!

sunday 02-12-2012 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by gotsomeold (Post 15411257)

(And, I am ** that ** close to dropping a pant size)

Welcome! Read the discussions! Study the DD recipes! This is such a sustainable WOE!

I hope that you are dropping a pant size soon!!! Your words are uplifting! :jumpjoy:

PaulaMM 02-12-2012 04:53 PM

Thank you, everyone, for your words of encouragement! I've read every reponse to my thread and many threads in this forum and the theme to Rocky has been playing in my head ever since!:workout:

You ladies rock! :notwrthy::sing:

Now, if I could just get my hands on some of that delightful sounding Laughing Cow cheese!

Eieio 02-12-2012 06:30 PM

Glad u shAred ur feelings.
Everybody wants to be well and feel well.
I'm starting agin tmw on dd.
700 cals. Exercise before 10 am.
Come join in the JUddd Way.
U r very funny I lol. Thank u.

Luna Loca 02-12-2012 07:43 PM

Paula, good luck tomorrow. Check in, let us know how you're doing. I'll be sending good thoughts for you. :hugs:

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