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gimpojones 05-22-2012 12:54 PM

Need support, decided to low carb it!
Hey all, it's kinda a stuggle for me to admit I need to lose weight. But I've finally started something I think i can stick too. The low carb diet. This wasn't some late night binge remorse talking, I've been becoming more aware of the world and how it seems that we are able to poision ourselves for profit but not recreation. Strange world this...

So now that the reason is out of the way let me tell you what i'm doing now. I rescued a dog named Linux, and we are now walking at least a mile a day (most days 2 miles, cause he needs to pee on everything) and I've started low carbing.

So, i've gone from 463 pounds to 449 pounds in a month. However, I don't have ketone sticks. So i'm not sure if the weight loss is that i'm eating around 50-100 carbs a day, or if it's that i've halved my intake amount in calories. (I used to drink a 2liter in a day, surprisingly i was still thirsty.) Or because of the low carbs. So i've gone from roughly 6 or 7k calories a day to now 2k. I've decided to take the path of no whites no ingredeiants i can't pronounce. Strangely enough just about everything i used to eat (fries, lots of fries, rice, bread, lots of bread, and sugar, which wasn't bad cause i don't like sweets anyway. But I would pound soda!)

Sorry for this being long, but i do need a support group for this!

So here are my questions:
* Can ketosis begin or start in the carb range i've indicated? I do eat bread here and there, but it's usally not enough to go over 100g's in carbs. (Yes i've started a food journal, and no i don't count the various nuts i consume now! I know I should)

* I used to bench press and arm curl 3 days a week, but now i don't feel like i have that raw punch you in the face engergy. Is this due to me not having the excess amount of calories since i'm supposed to get around 4k calories a day for my weight to be maintained, i'm basically cutting that in half?

* What is the best snack you can have while on this life style change? I used to devour whole bags of chips! I know these nuts have lots of protein, I need something else to midlessly place in my food hole. It's not so bad when i'm at work, but on the weekends i get that 'im bored so i should eat' syndrome that i've had since i was a kid.

* Lastly, I'm glad I have heard of this diet as it now fits into the claim i've always had of why do we need certain foods when our ancesters didn't. And that's for a site like this where I can go get some support. Everyone I talk to about this diet says im going to have a heart attack and die. And i tell them i'm 460 pounds, that's bound to happen anyway! I know i joke about it, but i really don't want to die from a heart attack and I really dont want some plastic in my stomach restricing my diet. So help me out here guys, give me some positive feed back.

One more comment, just cause i have no one else to talk to about this stuff. This last month had mothersday in it. My mom loves crabs/lobster/being pampered. So at the end of the meal, (i had salmon!) But I cheated and had 3 spoon fulls of an apple cinemon vanilla icecream tart thing. It sounds AMAZING, but it tasted horrible! This was about week 3 of the low carb. It just tasted like i put sugar in my mouth, and it wasn't like a good taste. The icecream even tasted like sugar. So on the flip side, I ate some bell peppers in a stir fry, with BACON! well cubed bacon. And the peppers tasted like they had sugar on them. Go figure. Spend a life time of drowning myself in kool-aid to thinking vegetables are sweet.

well that is all and i would appreciate some answers to my questions or even a quick, welcome to the club. Thanks all, stay lean.


CarolynF 05-23-2012 01:52 PM

Hi Gimp..

Are you a guy? Here is a great guy place for guy support http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lo...-may-12-a.html..

But, back to your question..Wowzie, you are doing well.

The deal with ketosis is that you want to be a "fat" burner not a "sugar" burner. When you eat too much sugar in the form of bread, etc..then your insulin kicks up and stores the fat in your food and will not release it..You want to avoid like crazy any big insulin release..You want to get to a place that you are burning your own fat for energy..It's called ketosis..Then you will have the energy..

Wheat is the worse thing to eat..no kidding..It will spike your sugar levels/insulin release more than a candy bar..Read Wheat Belly..great book.

You are much better off and will see huge weightloss if you start with induction by
the book..20 carbs a day..leafy veggies/green veggies/ meats/fats. Don't worry about calories at first..but don't pig out bigtime either.

Do you have the Atkins book? You do need to get it and read it if you don't..:)

gimpojones 06-12-2012 08:29 AM

Thanks Carolyn, I ate some whole grain bread yesterday as i was tired of eating eggs and bacon without bread. Then i read this post and thought.... damn it!

- gimp (439)

CarolynF 06-12-2012 01:36 PM

Gimp: LOL..Just don't do it again..Bread is so not your friend.

Shalbrihil 06-18-2012 08:55 AM

Just think of great as eating a candy bar. That is as much sugar 1 slice of bread has. :)

gimpojones 06-20-2012 04:01 AM

Holy feces! That's not good at all.

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