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Gatton 07-26-2013 07:05 AM

Amber Bock Beer
I went to happy hour yesterday, and had a few Michelob Amber Bock beers. This morning, I looked up the carb count. 15 grams in one 12 oz. beer!

It's back to Miller Lite for me!

Aomiel 07-26-2013 07:08 AM

Yeah...it's my favorite (next to Red Stripe). Fortunately I only drink 2 or 3 a year. These days...nada. :sad:

rotay60 07-26-2013 07:24 AM

I did the same thing last week while in FL. I has always drank Miller-lite, but wanted to try something different. Amber bock was so smooth. I really liked it, but about flipped when I decided to look at carb count.

FatCat 07-26-2013 09:36 AM

I like Mic Ultra better. To me, it has more taste, more like a 'real' beer than Miller Lite.

Miller Lite comes from ponies on diuretics.....

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