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mykneesareback 08-08-2013 08:07 PM

FRIDAY'S Roll Call, Aug. 9
It's the night before Friday, but I'm sitting here now, folks.......

Susan, sounds like such a nice day for you, and hope you got some nice cushions for your outdoor furniture. We need ones for our dining set inside, the seats hurt, even the kids remark about it, they have chairs with some padding.

Mary, how are your doggies doing?

The kids came for dinner and we had some good laughs, they agree that it's hard to get driver's licenses here, too, they usually have to take a day off of work to get it done, the waiting is one of the things that is wrong, and the places are small, won't hold a lot of people. Plus, in Calif., everything is done at one place, period. Here you have to go here, then there, and later on to another place. I hope it's finally done tomorrow, we are driving back over to Sherman again though, since it is a small office and not a lot of people in that town.

Have a pleasant night, and see you in the morning.

LoveMontana 08-08-2013 10:21 PM

Marking my spot for Friday.

Been a very long day driving back to the hometown to see my dentist for a two hour appointment and the two plus hour round trip. :stars:
Had a tooth ( molar ) pulled that was cracked at the gum line and through the root from the accident, but it's fine. Not painful much at all, but just some blood taste in my mouth,:sick:

Anyway, see you all in the morning.

Norfolk Mermaid 08-09-2013 04:44 AM

Last nights post.
Sooo sleepy- can't keep my eyes open.
Still no Cherokee but Mary Anne drove me to the store so I got cash and to Ms. SuSun some extra jumbo Shrimp which she danced all over the kitchen while I peeled them after they cooled a little so I could peel them for her. I only gave her a few at a time because if she scarfs them she miht bring them back up- besides I love watching her dance while I peel the next round. She is quite the boogie-er.
Tomorrow is hair wash day since it was to hot to walk over there today. Hopin for the Jeep to be ready for Mary Anne and I to go get it and my life becomes as normal as it can get. Heat tomorrow supposed to be worse than today so I not looking forward to that. Cool down to come in 3 or 4 days.
Nihty night all.

Up with the surgeons this morning while it is still dark at 5: am
Hoping my Jeep is ready this mornin some time.
More weed pulling even though Horrorscope said to take a break from the usual today. I WANT to "git her done".
Mary Anne will be visiting her daughter in Charleston, S.C. for a week- leaving tuesday so my "cool of the evening" gab fest with her will give me more time for weeds. "Aunt Jane" cozy-ed up to little "Missy" the poodle- a cute sniffing fest yesterday afternoon. Jane was hand fed so she honestly thinks she is a human... Ms. SuSun gives her lots of distainful looks when she doesn't act like a Kittie.
Coffee is gone and so am I.

35down 08-09-2013 09:13 AM

Good morning Everyone! :hiya:We have some thunderstorms in the weather forecast-sunny but a little windy right now.

Woke up at 4 this morning so watched tv for a bit. I had some "The Pioneer Woman" taped. Do any of you watch that cooking show?

Nothing really planned for the day. Guess I will just see what the day brings. Did look in the refrigerator three times trying to figure out something for breakfast but came out empty-handed. Time to try again, I suppose.

Hope everyone has a good day. Maybe talk to you all later.

LoveMontana-sorry about the tooth pulling. Glad it seems to be going okay for you.


Mssarge 08-09-2013 09:50 AM

Hey y'all...still cool here but it will be climbing back to normal next week as Doris's High pressure moves west bringing the monsoonal moisture back. Don't mind the heat, it's the humidity that gets to me. Thank goodness I'm not usually out and about it.

Lainey, sure hoping you get your wheels back today...I don't use mine that much, but wouldn't be without 'em for as long as you have...keep the shiny side up.

Tail waggers are same-o, same-o...can't seem to find another home for the poodle, but can't complain as I'm not looking that hard and I'm sure no one's coming up to my door offering to take him. I've had him so long now (five months or so) that he's a part of my pack and would be devastated if we gave him away....but, it would still be better for him. Wish I could find a little boy or girl who needs a dog...someone to play, walk and train him. I'm sure even Snoopy who only growls at him would miss him if he left...packs are funny that way.

Sending good vibes to all and wishing you the best today....waving at all who follow.

Verleen 08-09-2013 10:29 AM

hi from the hill
Hi. Folks. I'm on my i-pad which I hate. :lol: We moved. We still have carloads of small stuff to bring over. And lots of work to do here and at the old house. Just letting everyone know we're still here.

ocali 08-09-2013 11:31 AM

Verleen, I'm so glad you checked in. It must be quite a change for you. I hope you get all settled in soon.
Lainey, did you get your car back today?
Just found out I may have overnight company tomorrow night. DS, his DW, and her DD will be On the way home from the Keys to SC.

Begete 08-09-2013 11:43 AM

Just holding my place. A busy weekend ahead and Gabe is coming next Thursday for a week.

Linda - ouch!

Mary - how did you end up with the poodle in the first place? Are you "fostering" him for a shelter?

Verleen, is your old house sold?

Lainey - hope you get the jeep back today.

Doris - changing over all that stuff is such a pain. We had to do that 6 years ago when we moved to WA state. DH could not get a drivers license in WA until he paid a 15 year old speeding ticket - from MAINE!!

35 - still wondering in what part of WA you live.

Julie - enjoy your surprise visitors.

Mssarge 08-09-2013 12:45 PM

Got my morning rituals taken care of...kneehab, crossword, just can't seem to get moving, so now looking to see what trouble I can get into. I was thinking of casino and poker today but it's too near the fire on the mountain and the smoke gets really bad out there, so I'll probably not go...

Good that Verleen checked in, wishing them well in the new house and don't tire yourself out too much, take it nice & slow, but I know you will.

Poodle puppy came to me as a friend of a friend decided she couldn't keep him, so friend asked if I would take him. I thought for sure someone at my former workplace would want a miniature poodle (over a hundred people work there) but no one was interested. My doxie was playing with him originally so I thought things might work out, but now she doesn't take very much P&V out of him, so.... Thanks for asking Babette, but I'm sure that's more info that you wanted.

Gotta go find that trouble...

mykneesareback 08-09-2013 01:39 PM

Hoping Lainey gets her car back to her today, and her hair washed, Lordy! This summer just keeps on humming along.

Julie, how nice to have your son and family for a quick visit!!

Begete, after this license stuff, I'm not surprised at all to hear John had to pay a traffic ticket from another state FIRST, lol. We have never moved out of state before, so didn't expect all of this, we thought all the states worked together to be in this century, but NO, we were wrong. I had to bring in marriage certificate, naturalization paper, real social security card (no copies of anything allowed), a bill from a utility company with my name and current address on it, and I even brought along a magazine with my name and address on it. dh had the car registration, and good thing it had my name on it too, plus the car insurance with both our names, so they did us together, took over 20 minutes though. Thumb prints, photo taking, but we GOT in, like I said yesterday, it was easier to get into East Berlin in 1967 !!! You also get to register to vote at the same time, so they send a card to do that.

Mary, that danged fire is a misery of the worst proportion, hope it would die away soon, but those winds down there don't help.

Verleen, I just ran across your email address so was going to write you, and there you were today! I can only imagine how messed up all of your stuff is, and hard to remember where it even is now, oh my!! How are the animals taking it? Is the A/C working well, at least?

Linda, hope your tooth is fixed for good now, and the soreness/taste goes away. How is your Mom?

35, I've heard of that show but never watch cooking shows, used to though. We used to love "Drive In's, Diners and Dives", but haven't watched that anymore, either. Maybe in the winter, life will slow down.

Off to wash dishes from last night's dinner, and then get ready to go to the kids, our Friday night "out" meal, and that's that for us.

Norfolk Mermaid 08-09-2013 01:46 PM

No Cherokee as of yet. Starting to worry a little bit. Think I'll call in another hour.
Had some bread and saute eggplant and it knocked me out the way carbs tend to do.
Beverly that washes my hair called like Mary Anne hoping for me to have the Jeep back and Bev woke me from a fab sweet dream about hugging a young, tall, handsome fireman
in his dress uniform and boy O boy was he hugging me back. Libra's dreams are so vivid. Heo! it was soooo nice.

SuSUN 08-09-2013 04:16 PM

Doris, Thanks for the kick off again. Yes, yesterday was a fun day checking things out round the stores. It almost the end of the summer season at Lowe's and Home Depot so might find a cushion or two on sale for your chair.

Heating up again up here. Hot in the sun, bearable in the shade, when I walk the dog.

I made it to Yoga class this morning so I was an hour and a half stretching this old body. Ha! I got it done at least! Slowly getting back at it.

MRI results are in. I am scheduled for a needle biopsy on Sept 9th. Oh joy, oh joy!

Thank You Mary, re the salad suggestion. :up: It is 'Me' that is the problem.:dunno: I see what the others are ordering and I just cave in. I have grown so tired of depriving myself. I know I must gain some self discipline from somewhere. Thanks again.:)

Lainey, You are hilarious, love that dream of yours. Care to share him?:D Shirt on or off??? braces up or down??? Enquiring minds need to know. ;) No car yet either, whew you will be glad to get your wheels back for sure.
do you put on some boogie music for Ms SuSun to dance to?;)

Ouch Linda on the tooth, hope the discomfort subsides soon.:hugs:

Good to see your post Verleen, things will eventually all be put into

Babette, Yes, Maine...sure get their man with those tickets huh? New Hampshire too.:dunno:

Sharon, hope the dry eye feels better today.:hugs:

Waving at Y'All and hope to bbt...:heart:

Shalbrihil 08-09-2013 05:08 PM

Today's been nice the scale is still going in the right direction and I've got Pioneer Woman waiting on my recordings to watch. All's right with the world. We shopped and then took the f.boys for there walk. I've been watching a net flex series called Crackers. It's really got me hooked.

Tues. going back in to have eye looked at. He will probably dilate it this time to see his surgery once again. I'm still a little blurry but he's not too upset about it.

Verleen I'm so glad you are moved in now.

Doris what a job getting your things changed over. I don't think I would have the stamina to hold up over all the paper work.

Lainey sure hope you call to see what's holding up your Jeep.

Linda wishing you fast healing for your mouth now that that tooth is gone

D has a chicken on the rot. so I need to see what else to put on the table. Have a nice evening everyone.

Norfolk Mermaid 08-09-2013 07:26 PM

Yes I called at about 5: looks like Monday but
maaaaybe tomorrow. He said he was not satisfied with what they kept delivering so he kept at it till he was happy- all is painted and he just has to put it all together. No week end plans here almost never so I don't mind but oh yes, I like that old Jeep sitting in my drive way wheather I am going to use it or not.
Details for Susan but what are braces? Anyhow- he was quite tall and was just standing in front of me quite close or I was standing close to him cause his back was near a wall and I just lept into his arms and oh he felt so good and Iwas loving it but said I was sorry but he said AH, LETS DO IT and was hugging me back to beat the band. Somehow my arms got under or into that jacket and that was even better. Next thing I knew the formal fireman dress jacket was gone and he had on one of those thin gray tee shirts- great muscles and we were somehow on the ground but just a real hugging party- I ask him if he had lost weight ??? Stupid thing to say and he said no. Then Bev called about my hair and pulled the pin from my silly grin. It was just a sweet, sweet dream.
SuSun, Is that a breast needle biopsy. I must have missed a post. When is it for? I will be saying prayers for you:aprayer:
The heat got me today but I did get in a 8 or 9 hr day starting at dayliht so I am happy about that.
Yawning my head off so will try a few puzzles from the newspapers from last week then sleep. Rain for the next 3 days. I hope they are right for a change.

birdlady 08-09-2013 09:02 PM

The crab legs were so good tonight,maybe cause we missed a couple of nights.
Lainey,braces are suspenders if I'm thinking right
Wow,I didn't have that much trouble getting a dl in Germany in 58.lol
Mary,to late to rehome that baby,do you have a dog park near,we don't have those here.
I want a car in my driveway even if I don't use it,so I know how you feel.
Susan,ouch,I never had one but .....
Linda,I'm such a chicken I have them put me out before they pull.lol
Begete,glad your boy is coming to see you guys,also glad he dated,that has to be so hard.
Doris, no one is bored now.lol

LoveMontana 08-09-2013 09:35 PM

Oh Verleen, so happy you are finally moved in and getting settled. Hope this works out very well for you.:shake:

Gladys, glad you enjoyed those wonderful crab legs. They are my favorite.
Tooth removal is a snap. No need to worry if you have a good dentist. Getting put out is extremely dangerous.

Wow Lainey, that was some dream.:D Hope you can pick up where you left off tonight.;)

Hope you get that jeep back soon and looking great.

Sharon, hope that vision clears up for you soon.:(

Oh Susan, sorry you have to wait so darned long for that needle biopsy.
Absolutely NO discomfort from the tooth removal. Only the Novocain injection sites are sore. :dunno:

Doris, happy to hear you finally got the drivers license things straightened out. DMV is not fun.

Tooth is fine and mom is fine. Thanks for asking.

Hi to Mary, Babette, Julie, 35down and anyone I may have missed.
Heading off to bed soon. It's been a busy day, especially with over 100,000 extra people in the area for the big race at Watkins Glen.:annoyed:

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