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Mobear 02-20-2012 01:47 PM

Vegetables to help hypothyroid?
I'm beginning to suspect that I might be hypothyroid. I lost 42lbs between 9/10 and 7/11 and maybe 2lbs since then. I am unusually cold - even though I have been very warm all my life. My hair has thinned a lot and gotten kind of limp.

I'm 63 and have been a Type II for 30 years. I'm on insulin (lantus and humulin r) and metformin.

In Sept. 2010 when I started LC (Dr. Bernstein) my cholesterol was 203, HDL 44, Trig 180, LDL 123 - I also was taking pravachol. In July 2011 I stopped the pravachol. This January I had another lipid panel and was totally shocked. The good news was that my HDL went up to 60, and Trig down to 117. The rest was very bad total is now 331; LDL is 253 :eek::eek: I asked for input on the Main board and got some good advice. I checked my carbs and am still consistently below 30 total carbs; my fat ratio 3 weeks ago was 80%; I don't eat wheat, potato, pasta, bread, etc. I'm upping my soluble fiber with glucomannan and chia.

Now that I've done some reading, I'm beginning to wonder if this problem with my extremely high LDL is being caused by my thyroid tanking. When I return to the doctor in April should I ask for thyroid tests? What tests? I know a TSH is useless but don't know what to ask.

In the meantime I was thinking of trying to add carbs in the form of low carb veggies which might be beneficial. I've added some, like cauli, broc., cabbage but am now reading that they might be bad for my thyroid - not good.

I am going to start eating cod several times a week since that is high in iodine. I also have some sea kelp sprinkles - but I have to watch the potassium level. Anyone have any idea that might help me with my veggies or food choices. I am reluctant to take supplements until after any testing that the doctor would do.

Sorry this is so long....I am just very concerned about the huge increase in my LDL. I am scheduling a VAP test, but a couple of big unexpected bills have that on hold right now.

Thanks so much for any help.

inatic 02-21-2012 06:16 PM

rather than speculating IF you might be hypothyroid, get tested. :)

Thyroid Mistreatment, Hypothyroidism Scandals, and Thyroid Treatment Problems | Stop The Thyroid Madness has a lot of info as well as testing suggestions.

Veggies cooked arent that problematic. *MY* opinion is very lc causes issues with the conversion of t4 to T3.

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