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List of Acronyms/Glossary of Terms


AAMOF ================ as a matter of fact
AAT ===================And Another thing..
ACV ================== Apple Cider Vinegar
ADL ================== Activities of Daily Life
ADN ================== any day now
AFAIK ================= As far as I know
AFK ================== Away from keyboard
AFAIK ================= As far as I know
AFM ================== As For Me
AKA ================== Also known as
AS =================== Artificial Sweetener
ASAP ================= As Soon as Possible
ASL ================== Age/Sex/Location?


babedom/hunkdom ========= when we reach goal
BBS ================== Be Back Soon
BDINI ================= Big Deal I'm Not Impressed
BIL=================== brother in law
BDK ================== Benign Dietary Ketosis
BF/GF================= boyfriend/ girlfriend, best friend, or breast feeding
BFN ================== Bye for now
BG =================== Big Grin
BK =================== Back
BM =================== Bowel Movement
BMI ================== Body Mass Index
BP =================== Blood Pressure
BOP ================== back on program
BTDT ================= Been There Done That
BRB ================== Be right back
BTW ================= By the way
BTDT ================= been there done that


CCHO ========= Consistent or Controlled Carbohydrate
CCL ========== Critical Carb Level
CCLl ========== Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing
CCLM ========= Critical Carbohydrate Level for Maintenance
CS =========== corn starch
CO =========== Coconut Oil


DANDR =============== Reference to the Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution Book
DGMW ================ Don't get me wrong
DGMS ================ Don't get me started
DOP ================= Day on program
DD ================== Dear Daughter
DS ================== Dear Son
DH ================== Dear Husband
DM ================== Dear Mother
DF ================== Dear Father
DSis ================= Dear Sister
DB ================== Dear Brother
DMIL ================= Dear Mother In Law
DFIL ================= Dear Father In Law
DDIL ================= Dear Daughter In Law
DSIL ================= Dear Son In Law
DSO ================= Dear Significant Other
DRD ================= Diet Related Disorder
DTRT ================= Do the right thing
Etc. ================= Etcetera


EFA ================== Essential Fatty Acids
*EG* ================= evil grin
EOD ================== Every Other Day
EVOO ================= extra virgin olive oil
ETA ================== Edited to add or Estimated Time of Arrival


FAQ ================= Frequently Asked Questions
F2F ================== face to face
FCOL ================= For Crying Out Loud
FF =================== Fat Free
FIDO ================= forget it and drive on
FIL=================== father in law
FMS ================== Fat Mobilizing Substance
FWIW ================ for what it's worth
FYA ================= For your amusement
FTR ================= For the Record
FYI ================== For your information
FAIM ================= Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine
FWIW ================= For What Its Worth


*G* ================== grin
GAL! ================= Get A Life!
GMAB ================ Give Me a Break
GMTA! =============== Great Minds Think Alike!
GR&D ================ Grinning, running, and ducking
GS ================== Grandson
GD ================== Granddaughter
GM ================== Grandmother
GF ================== Grandfather or Girlfriend
GTF ================= Glucose Tolerance Factor
GTT ================= Glucose Tolerance Test
GMTA ================ Great minds think alike
GW ================= Goal Weight


HBP ================== High Blood Pressure
hCG ================= Human Chorionic Gonadatropin, the hormone used as the basis of the diet
HDL = =============== High Density Lipoprotein
hhCG ================ Homeopathic hCG
HHOK ================ Ha ha, only kidding
HHOS ================ Ha ha, only serious
HTD ================= Have to Disagree...
HTH ================= Hope this Help
HW ================== Highest Weight
HWC ================ Heavy Whipping Cream


ICBINB =============== I can't believe it's not butter
IIRC ================= If I remember correctly
IAC ================== In any case
ICAM ================= I Couldn't Agree More
ICHSIB =============== I Couldn't Have Said It Better
ID =================== I Disagree
IDTS ================= I Don't Think So!
IIRC ================= If I Recall Correctly
IMAO ================ In my arrogant opinion
IME ================== In My Experience
IMHO ================= In my humble opinion
IMNSHO =============== In my not-so-humble opinion
IMO ================== In My Opinion
IOW ================== In other words
IRL ================== In Real Life
IRT ================== In Real Time
ISC ================== I Stand Corrected
IKHYF ================ I know how you feel
IKWYM =============== I know what you mean
ITA ================== I totally agree
ISTM ================= It seems to me


J/K ================== just kidding
JMHO ================ Just my humble opinion
JMO ================= just my opinion


Ketosis =============== Term used when your body cannot fully metabolize fat due to a lack of carbohydrates in your system. The unused portions of the fat cells are called ketones, and are removed from the body in the urine. Ketosis is a signal that you are breaking down the fat in your fat cells.
KOKO ================ keep on keeping on
KISS ================= Keep It Simple Sweetie
KUTGW =============== keep up the good work
KWIM ================ know what I mean?


l8r ================== Later
LBAY ================ Laughing Back At You
LCF ================= Low Carb Friends (some of the best people around!!)
LDL ================= Low Density Lipoprotein
LF ================== Low Fat
LFHC ================ Low Fat, High Carb
lmao ================ Laughing my arse off
LMHO =============== laughing my head off
LOL ================== Laughing out loud
LC ================== Low carb
LTNS ================ long time no see
LTS ================= Lipolysis Testing Strips


MCT ================= Medium Chain Triglycerides
MM ================= metal monster (THE SCALE)
MIL================= mother in law
MIM ================ Muffin in a minute
MOTS =============== More of the Same


Newbie ============== a new person to the board (You!!)
NBIF ================ No basis in fact
NBIR ================ No basis in reality
NM ================= No Message
NP ================= No problem
NRN ================ No response necessary
NSV ================ Non-Scale Victory


OIC =================Oh I see
OMG ================ Oh My God or Oh My Goodness
Onederland ============ When you go below 200 into the 100's
OOC ================ Out of Control
Oopsie =============== an LC friendly bread-like substitution
OP ================== Original Poster or On Program
OTOH =============== On the other hand
OP ================= on program
OT ==================Off Topic
OWL ================ Ongoing Weight Loss


P1 ================== Phase One
P2 ================== Phase Two
P3 ================== Phase Three
P&I ================= Pounds and Inches
PCP ================= Primary Care Physician
PCOS ================ Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
PITA ================ Pain In The...
PM ================= Private message
PMS ================ premenstrual syndrome
POV ================ Point of view
PSMF ================ Protein-sparing Modified Fast


QOTD =============== Question of the Day


RF ================= Reduced fat - Sometimes Red Cheese
RNY ================ Roux-en-y (gastric bypass)
ROTFL =============== Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO =========== Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
ROFLOL ============= Rolling on the Floor, Laughing Out Loud
ROTFWTIME =========== Rolling on the floor with tears in my eyes
ROTFPIMP ============ Rolling on the floor peeing in my pants
ROTFLMAOPMP ======== Rolling On The Floor, Laughing, Peeing My Pants
RT ================ Real Time
RU ================ ARE You?


SBD ======================= South Beach Diet
SB ======================== Sugar Busters
SCG or Stats ================== Starting Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight
*S* =================== Smile
SF =================== Sugar Free
SIL================== Sister in Law
SO ================== Significant Other
SOP ================= Stay on Program
SOSO ================ Same Old, Same Old
STGW ================ Short Term Goal Weight
Stalled ================ Temporarily Stopped Losing
SW ================== Starting Weight


TAL ================== Thanks A Lot
TBC ================== To Be Continued
TIA ================== Thanks in Advance
TGIF ================= Thank Goodness It's Friday
THX ================= Thanks
TMI ================= Too much information
TTFN ================ ta ta for now
TFTH ================ Thanks for the hospitality!
TN ================= Targeted Nutrition
TMI ================ Too Much Information
TOM ================ Time of Month
TROLL =============== Outrageous message posted to bait people to answer, meant to take over a discussion. Well meaning defenders can create chaos by responding to trolls. The best response is to ignore it. Also, a troll is the person who posts such messages.
TT ================= Tummy Tuck
TTOTM =============== That Time of the Month
TTYL ================ Talk to You Later
TY ================= Thank You
TYVM =============== Thank You Very Much



VLC ================== Very Low Carb
VLCD1 ================ Very Low Calorie Day One


WATP ================ Walk Away The Pounds
WFH ================= Work From Home
WOE ================= way of eating
WOL ================= way of life
WB ================== Welcome back
w/i or WI ============== weigh in
WLS ================= Weight Loss Surgery
Woosh ================ After a stall you have sudden weight loss
W/O ================= Without
WTG ================= Way (weigh) to go
WWYD ================ what would you do?
WWF ================= Wishing for the Whoosh Fairy



YBS ================= You'll be sorry
YGG ================= You go girl
YGGF ================ You go girlfriend (or guy!)
YKWIM? ============== You know what I mean?
YMMV ================ Your Mileage May Vary
YW ================= You're welcome

W - Workout
E - Eat Low Carb
I - It All Adds Up - Everything Counts
G - Gain Confidence, Not Weight
H - Healthy
T - Think BEFORE You Eat
L - Little by Little
O - Only Eat When Hungry
S - Start Now!

I used to live to eat... now I eat to live!
Don't be a victim of Dieters remorse.. Don't cheat.. stay on plan!
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